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returning after a few months....

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returning after a few months....

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04.23.2014 , 01:19 PM | #1
So I have not played since shortly after Oricon was released...think thats been bout 4 months now.....

Anyway, the reason I quit was I am on Begeren Colony, which has a lot of nice folks on it, but also a huge amount who sit around and do absolutely nothing but (bad, lore butchering) RP.

So I figured I'd try to change it up, and I see this server has way more forum posts than any other, which I realize is no way to judge a population accurately....but....yea.

I would ask how WZ pops are here, but I see other threads that arent too old saying they're pretty fast, which is good. So I will just say I am a lethality operative that is looking for a guild to help me get back into the game.

PvP wise I have full obroan, I think theres a new set out now? PvE wise I have uh....whatever the gear set right before dread palace came out was. It's been so long I dont even remember. I've only logged on and done the oricon dailies to get me back into the swing of playing. I missed stabbing and shooting people, and TESO blew goats.
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05.16.2014 , 11:16 PM | #2
Genesis: is LFM adult members pref +18, vent, guild website, active members, endgame raiding, all welcome - plenty of experienced players to asssist with information to 'new' players to the game.+10% Rep +10% Exp