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*Illuminatus* and *Illuminare* are Recruiting!

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*Illuminatus* and *Illuminare* are Recruiting!

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04.21.2014 , 10:31 PM | #1
Illuminatus and Illuminare

Are you looking to become a part of a large, active, and friendly community?

Are you looking to join a progression raid team and/or start progressing in PVE endgame content at your own pace?

Are you looking to RP with fun and friendly people at whatever depth you desire?

Illuminatus and Illuminare are the guild for you!

About us!

Illuminatus and Illuminare has merged/is in the process of merging with Disciples of the Galaxy. The leadership is in the hands of the former Disciples' council, and the name has been adopted for both guilds. Illuminatus is our guild for characters level 50-55, and Illuminare is our guild for levels one to 49. Both guilds have the 10%/10% bonuses. We boast experienced RPers and Raiders alike, but the most important thing, we think, is our welcoming atmosphere.


Our main focus is on PVE, and as such, we run ops weekly. Our progression right now isn't the best, but we're working our way up there. If you're interested in joining because of PVE content, we are currently recruiting players of all classes and specs.

Our progression currently is:
TFB HM 4/5
S&V HM 7/7
DF HM 2/5
DP HM 0/5


Our guild is currently working on getting more active in the warzone scene. We do casual pick-up warzones often, and are looking to get people together to play Ranked Warzones.


Illuminatus offers RP at a level for all players, from casual to in-depth. We host weekly scheduled RP events and spontaneous RP sessions with our members. We make it easy for people just starting to jump into RP while maintaining depth for the more experienced RP'ers who love to dive into a character and story. We use our website extensively for events and story-telling. Check out our home RP page here!

Our members love creating biographies and backstories for their characters. Check out some of our stories here!

For further backstory, character progression, and inter-character storylines, we have our forums section here!

Discipuli Galaxia

We maintain an Imperial guild as an alt dump. As always, if you are primarily Republic side, but have Imperial alts, we'll set you up!


We as Illuminatus feel that if you want to join us in our crusade for justice, you must meet a few criteria:
  1. Maturity- We expect that you will treat everyone inside, or outside of the guild with respect. We do not have an age requirement, but we ask that you act maturely.
  2. Sociable- We ask that you participate in guild events, talk in guild chat or in mumble, and are not an antisocial loner.
  3. Interest in PVE, PVP, or RP- Really, if you're not here for any one of these three things, we don't know why you're here in the first place.
  4. Mumble- For the purposes of organized guild events, we have a 100 slot Mumble server. We ask that you download and are able to access our server. A microphone is not required, but operations and pvp are more fun and successful when there is communication.
  5. Characters- We ask that you make character profiles on the website, so we can keep track of, and know who your alts are.

If you feel that you meet these criteria and want to apply, please fill out a recruitment form, found here.

Once you have applied, an officer will check out your application, and approve it. Then, you are put through the trial process. You can either message (or will be messaged by) one of these officers:


Then, you have to group with an officer and do a group activity. A flashpoint, heroic, warzone, or operation. We will judge your conduct and play, and then will decide whether or not to invite you to the guild.

Other information

Our website


May the force be with you.
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04.22.2014 , 02:40 PM | #2
nice job Ben

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05.11.2014 , 01:50 AM | #3
Why, thank you.

*Shameless bump*
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