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Random Acts of Kindness

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04.17.2014 , 08:56 AM | #21
So i booted up SWTOR again after quitting 1 month after launch and started playing on the Republic side and enjoying myself on a RP server (I don't RP but i prefer the communities)

So i am level 8 right, and i log in after not playing for some time and i'm stood outside of the Jedi Temple and my quest was to kill the final droid in the Training Program. I attempted but failed numerous times and i was starting to get frustrated when all of a sudden a Jedi Sentinel slowly walks onto the battle platform and helps me kill the droid.

I swiftly type 'ty mate' in chat but the lone drifter walks off into the distance without saying a word.

But thanks mate, if you ever read this

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04.17.2014 , 09:25 AM | #22
I have had others provide desperately needed help for me while leveling any of my toons. Mostly people do this as a drive-by assist or just a case of helping a poor nearly dead toon that needs help.

This is a lesson I learned a very long while ago. Once you (the Experienced Gamer) have your toon leveled or max'd go share the experience. Dont intrude, but do help. I often wander lower level zones/planets and just stand by to heal those characters that look like they are in trouble. I ask for nothing. I offer advice where/when appropriate. I refuse guild invites as I prefer to be a wandering helper (maybe they need a Monk Class . I join FP's and Ops as there is need and share my experience with as many folks that will listen. Being nice is key. As a healer I am here to help and that I do. As an older gamer, I have a lot of experience and patience in interactive/immersive gaming and am willing to proctor those that are looking for help.

Wife & Life dont allow me to play as much as I used to 20 years ago, but I do what I can when I escape wife-aggro.

Now I spend time teaching my kids to game responsibly, play their roles in groups, help others and ensure that people have fun. Of course they get to craft, kill and explore to their heart's content but they need to learn what it is to be a nice toon.


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04.17.2014 , 09:33 AM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by wjrasmussen View Post
I find it fascinating that you had this happen but now fail to provide the specifics of what you changed such that another person might take advantage of it and thus create an act of kindness. Hope this just isn't some kind of mind trick to get people to tell you how to make specific builds.
No not at all. I am just back after a year away, so the event I was recalling was well over a year ago. The specific advice I do not recall, but the event is still memorable to me. Just the time and effort this person took to help me out stayed with me.

Any Sniper advice I give now would be out of date after all the patches and updates since I last played. I hope you understand this. Cheers!
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04.17.2014 , 11:08 AM | #24
I was standing around on fleet the other night doing nothing basically. was thinking about logging off for the night and someone whispered and asked if I was busy. I was like no, why?

The guy/gal wanted me to run them through Mandalorian Raiders. He/She was 24-26ish and I was 54 so I was like what the hell, and ran him/her and let him/her need on all the loot as I didn't have any use for it.

Whoever it was probably got almost no experience from it but seemed appreciative non the less.

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04.17.2014 , 11:26 AM | #25
Quote: Originally Posted by RaiderMid View Post
I was standing around on fleet the other night doing nothing basically. was thinking about logging off for the night and someone whispered and asked if I was busy. I was like no, why?

The guy/gal wanted me to run them through Mandalorian Raiders. He/She was 24-26ish and I was 54 so I was like what the hell, and ran him/her and let him/her need on all the loot as I didn't have any use for it.

Whoever it was probably got almost no experience from it but seemed appreciative non the less.
I truly appreciate players like you...I wish we could clone you and replace the a-holes with ya
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04.17.2014 , 01:37 PM | #26
I remember shortly after launch, there was a high-level player who ushered lowbies through the flashpoints. Not Esseles, where you could argue he had an ulterior motive, but rather Athis, Hammer Station, Mando Raiders etc. He took us by the hand, explained the fights, ran ahead to clear the trash and let us have the loot.I thought that was very cool of him. I still remember his name, but he and his guild disappeared in the "Dark Ages" of March/April 2012.

My favorite anecdote is from the days of Ilum pvp, empty servers and no group finder, when collecting the crates in the pvp area was one way to upgrade your gear to hm flashpoint/sm ops level in a reasonable time if you didn't want to do actual pvp. I ran my laps, collecting weapons on my smuggler, when an imperial came along and stopped me. I thought I'd be dead, but he just looked at me and said something like "with your gear, you don't stand a chance against me". And I just said "Yeah, I know." And then he left me alone, when he could have just ganked me for his daily/weekly.

Also a relic of those desperate days is our guild's habit of scrambling to gear up and teach our pugs rather than just kicking them when we hit a dead end. From time to time that ends in people joining us, but not always and it's not our goal, anyway. We want people to have fun and enjoy the game and we figure in the long run helping them makes for a better experience for everyone.
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Quote: Originally Posted by Feargal View Post
A totally logical and reasonable answer. Clearly you have no concept of what forums are for.

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04.17.2014 , 02:08 PM | #27
The person I regularly play with gives away 100,000s, sometimes millions, of credits worth of gear (and creds, too) during hide and seek and trivia events on a more-or-less monthly basis, some of which gear I supply.

As for running lowbies through FPs and letting the lowbies have all the loot, people do that all time in Black Talon, so big act of heroism there.

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04.17.2014 , 02:26 PM | #28
I like this thread and the uplifting spirit presented in it. I spontaneously remember three stories:

1. Level 55 kingpins during the bounty hunter weeks: Several times, I helped others and others helped me, because these guys are really tough (and actually for a group). My favourite memory: The kingpin on Alderaan. There was not one rep player on the planet on this mission except me and no 55 willing to help. I was on an ungeared alt, so no chance to single it. There was an Imperial player who saw me standing there and didn't hesitate to start her fight. I watched it passively first, because I wasn't sure what to think about her rushing in. She died quickly. I contacted her via "say" if she would be interested in teaming up with a republic char and offered to fight her boss first and then she helps me with mine. I was a bit worried if she would simply go away after her fight, but she kept her word and we managed to kill the bosses with the help of an "enemy". Afterwards we even had a nice chat. The first and only time I ever spoke with an imp while playing a rep. Good to have a shared enemy. (And I don't know if she was a she or a he. I just assumed a she, because she was so kind and helpful.)

2. One day, I was standing with an alt on the fleet. There was a guy asking if someone could craft him some low (or mid?) level mods for a while. Then I went out. Some hours later I came back and he was still asking for a cybertech. So I contacted him and asked what he needs. Turned out my main was able to craft exactly that purple mod he requested (cannot craft too many purple low level mods; never bothered). He asked for the price and I said, if he buys the mats from the GTN, I craft for free. So he provided all the stuff (even more than I needed) and when I was done, I even had a crit, so I gave it to him on top. He was so thankful that he gave me totally insane and undeserved 200.000 credits for my work. I tried hard to decline that money (always closed the trade window), but he insisted so strongly to reward me for being the only helpful person on the fleet that I finally gave in. And even though I was actually the helpful one, it feels like he did something good to me.

3. My favourite: I struggled with the final boss of the tropper story on my most hated planet Belsavis. It was the only boss I had problems with my main in the whole game. Don't know why. So I was asking for help and there was another trooper who had just finished his story and was already in front of his space shuttle to leave the planet. But he decided to help me out. Because he just had used his quick travel, he had to drive all the way back to the cave. Together, we beat the boss and I was happy to leave that planet behind. That guy was awesome! I don't remember his name. It was about two years ago. But thanks again!


Quote: Originally Posted by KyaniteD View Post
I thought I'd be dead, but he just looked at me and said something like "with your gear, you don't stand a chance against me". And I just said "Yeah, I know." And then he left me alone, when he could have just ganked me for his daily/weekly.
I like that anecdote! There is still honour out there.

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04.18.2014 , 02:40 AM | #29
First off this is an awesome thread OP! Thank you for creating a good community based thread focusing on the good of the game not the baddies.

Ok id like to say thaat i am one of the hard to find(on my server any way) Pre-Ordered the Collectors Edition players. I played the game at launch and fell in love with it. Just like i knew i would. I was however a noob at MMO's it was my first time having a mmo i liked and felt like playing long term. Well one day i was playing my first toon (a marauder) and i was LFG athiss. I was just at the level to run through the fp so i was having trouble qeuing and getting a group together. Well out of nowhere this ****** jugg(hes very high lvled 40 something maybe 50) just shows up invites me and says hey ill run you through athiss real quick but then i gtg. Well my pc was **** so i took a good amount of time to load. We start rushing through and the loots start dropping i need like everything. He stops for a sec and says dont need everything in fp's. Only what you actually need or could really use for THIS toon. I asked him the diff between need and greed and apologized not that he wanted the gear he passed on everything. But he was letting me know for when i group up again. Good advice. He also gave me a very good explanation of my mara skills which at the time i was acting more like a jugg than a mara because of my play style. Jump in attack and jump again. He told me the best skill tree setup for back then that suited me and even gave me some creds to get some better gear for my stats. If I remember correctly his name is Vaxes. he still plays today Thank you very much Vaxes.

Now on the other hand i had stopped playing due to personal issues and having a baby life stuff and my pc not being able to handle the game and then started to play last summer and that pc died lol.

So when i got back to playing hardcore again I went back to my mara and finished her up. Well im on Korriban headin to fight you know who on the last class mission and i see this jugg in front of the temple dueling a sorc who is lvl 8 and hes like lvl 12. He got DESTROYED! in less than a min. I duel him after to show my awsome high lvl choke that kills him in less than a sec. But after i inv him to group. I asked him what he was doing to get ganked so badly by the lowbie inquisitor. He said im not sure i just started playing and im still kinda new to the warrior play-style. Well i take him along on my qeust let him watch me fight you know who not see the story sequence. Well it takes me a couple times and i tell him how he can gear what he should look for in stats for gear and what kind of light saber crystal works for him. I gave him like 50K and bought him a 200K crystal he could use and gave him almost 2 mil worth of gear that he could mod on his own for his style and told him the best kinds of mods to use. I have helped out several lowbies or just random people ive seen alot.
IMO in this kind of emmersive game there should be and astounding and overwhelming sense of community.

So when i see someone struggling or just asking for help alot of th time ill say wth im not doing much and try to help them out. and yeah sometime you can get the naggers or what not but hey its still a good feeling and an awesome experience. I think you should want to help people out in the game and create more friends so that you have a better environment to play in. This game has alot of that and I personally hope it continues to grow into a much larger community.

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04.18.2014 , 03:06 AM | #30
The story about the Rep-Imp cooperation on Alderaan reminded me of two of my own cross-faction co-op stories.

The first one was a few weeks back when I was digging for the dread seed on Corellia. My Juggernaut is walking around, digging everywhere when a smuggler shows up. Turns out the smuggler is in the same guild as my main and we got to /say ing a lot at each other while we dug for the seed. Took us forever, but the smuggler even stuck around after she had got hers to keep chatting with me. Our inattention earned us both the Unlucky title, if you know what I mean.

The other was last night on my juggernaut again. Heading up the watchtower steps when a group of 3 republic players come running by. We all waved at each other and went on our merry ways. After a bit, they jumped me and Quinn carbonized one of them. I set him to passive and chose not to fight. I got a /say from two of them apologizing and wishing me a nice day!
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