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[Bioanalysis] Scoundral Healer

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[Bioanalysis] Scoundral Healer

Jedi_Knight_Jess's Avatar

04.12.2014 , 12:44 AM | #1
Got a new toon onto the fleet, did a quick ask around, and general consenus said that biochem is the better skill for a healer soundral

I toyed with this on my healer sorc a while back, and what are the benefits of this skill? This just makes stims, and medpacks right?

Loc_n_lol's Avatar

04.12.2014 , 01:38 AM | #2
The benefits of biochem for every class is the ability to use reusable stims and medpacks, potentially saving a lot of trouble and money down the line.

The saving money part is arguable because leveling a crafting skill to 450 isn't cheap, but never having to worry about running out is worth it.

Crafting medpacks while levelling is somewhat useful (they are significantly more powerful than those you get as drops from npcs) but as a healer you don't normally need medpacks while soloing.

Jedi_Knight_Jess's Avatar

04.12.2014 , 02:13 AM | #3

my other option was armstech, but would a healer focus on guns? That'd seem more likely for a dps

Loc_n_lol's Avatar

04.12.2014 , 03:18 AM | #4
Armstech makes barrels. As a healer a large part of your healing bonus comes from tech power, which is based on the rating of your barrels (MH blaster & OH shotgun).
But you don'treally need and crafting skills for leveling, planetary comms gear is good enough.

Most likely the people who advised you are just jaded and parotting the common answers because fleet chat can turn into something of a faq at times...


Jedi_Knight_Jess's Avatar

04.12.2014 , 04:25 AM | #5
lol...I lost count on how many times I've gotten answers like that, when I had a serious question about crafting with a new toon

Ok, armstech and biochem may be out then.... since comms can make up the difference, and a healer doesn't really need tons of medpacks......

What's left for a scoundral that' actually work, cept for arms or bio?

Nakkyi's Avatar

04.12.2014 , 04:48 AM | #6
The option I went with was Cybertech. It allows you to craft the modifications for your armor shells. Granted, you can also just use your planetary comms for those as it is much cheaper. Of course, if you want to keep all your companions gear up, it can be useful if they can't use your hand-me-downs. You can also craft various grenades that can be somewhat helpful, but it's more of a luxury and doesn't really have a huge impact.

ScarletBlaze's Avatar

04.12.2014 , 11:29 AM | #7
My best friend is a scoundrel healer and she did Cybertech and she said it helped her a lot while she was leveling as all her gear was modable and so was her companions and she also could make earpieces.

She is now 55 and the higher level mods and armoring she has re to purple and she does fairly well on the gtn and she makes the purple armoring and mods for guild members that turn 53 so they actually have the 66 gear before they get to Oricion and most of them use that gear to gear one of their companions.
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