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Tier 2 Scout: A loadout that retains "scout" essence in post 2.7

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Tier 2 Scout: A loadout that retains "scout" essence in post 2.7

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04.10.2014 , 05:39 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Armonddd View Post
As far as I understand it, with range capacitor at 3000 meters you do the same damage you would do without range capacitor at 2700 meters.
Not quite. 2727 meters.

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04.10.2014 , 05:52 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Kuciwalker View Post
Not quite. 2727 meters.
Pretty sure 2700. Game shows no other evidence that distance exists in anything other than 100 meters.

And, I mean, I simplified my math for a not-mathy thread. Eff me, right?
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04.10.2014 , 06:20 AM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by Armonddd View Post
Pretty sure 2700. Game shows no other evidence that distance exists in anything other than 100 meters.
... are you joking?

And, I mean, I simplified my math for a not-mathy thread. Eff me, right?
Given that you used to think that you were getting +9% damage from range capacitor when in fact the boost is only about +1.5%, you might want to do less simplification.

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04.10.2014 , 06:25 AM | #14
Quote: Originally Posted by Armonddd View Post
Pretty sure 2700. Game shows no other evidence that distance exists in anything other than 100 meters.

And, I mean, I simplified my math for a not-mathy thread. Eff me, right?
I'm pretty sure that the game tracks ranges more definitively than units of 100m, but only displays your target's range in units of 100m. And I think that it rounds down, though I could be wrong. (meaning if you are actually at 581m, the game tells you that you are at 500m)
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04.10.2014 , 11:14 AM | #15
I added your build to my guide, Pincer. I hope you don't mind.
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04.10.2014 , 12:07 PM | #16
How dare you! We could call it the neutered battle scout heh (thanks btw)

I understand what some people are saying as well about doubling sometimes tripling up on the speed / recharge / engine stuff at the expense of other things. My first couple rounds were so bad (in my old build) that I didn't want to have to worry about engine power at all anymore (even pre 2.7 I was running on empty most of the time)

The 20% engine regen bump has been a life saver, when I get into a dogfight I am getting back a respectable amount of power (not even trying) - and if I ever get low I can hit booster recharge and switch to engine power and watch an empty bar rapidly fill. The 20% refill on use has been great for Ion Railgun hits as well, allowing me time to escape.

This flies a little different than the old scout, in which I typically turned into my attackers and used offense as a defense. This ship is still a dogfighter, not a pure one mind you but one nonetheless. If I lose the upper hand directly engaging an opponent, or multiple attackers come after me now I turn tail and LOS, some pilots will get bored and leave you alone while others will charge in after you. The trick with this ship is to let people over-commit themselves until you are ready to engage (when your cooldowns are up or when they have run out of engine power and you can get the kill easily)

Even with the big cooldown Barrel roll is still my first choice, the utility of having it as a travel power for emergencies IMO simply cant be replaced by anything but maybe powerdive (shorter missiles break). While defending I will try to LOS and use distortion field to break any locks, if I have to use BR (which is rare) then I will pick something I can LOS with on my way back to the node. If they follow great, they will be off the node as well. If they dont oh well, they get 2 seconds of cap and you come tearing around for a fresh pass.

As to the cap thing, less than 3000 was an understatement for how I fly, I prefer to be at or around 1000k. 3k is where I sometimes start to engage, most of my damage is being done at 1-2k or less though. Range cap would probably be very minor for me compared to a flat 10% damage (if I had quads though I would definitely switch) Willing to try anything tho.

(Edit: added screen from a good game today, to illustrate what the build is capable of)
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04.11.2014 , 03:50 PM | #17
So I'm going to go ahead and just reply to the OP, and skip the back and forth that happened in the interim...

For me, I've been playing a T2 Scout since prerelease for subs. It was the first ship I bought, and the first one I mastered, and is still my favorite to play. If you fly on Jedi Covenant, chances are you've run into me, where I fly as Graendahl (among a few other unnamed alts). I don't usually post much on the forums, but it sounds like you're having some of the same problems that popped up for me when 2.6 hit, but a different variation, so I figured I'd offer my 2¢.

Way back when, my logic was, "Survivability/turning/speed > all", and my build went heavy on Turning Thrusters, and the increased turning rate with Retro Thrusters, and relying heavily on Booster Recharge to keep my booster power. But when 2.6 hit, the JC meta quickly morphed into a heavy gunship/bomber meta, and I found myself lacking the teeth to actually kill bombers or Gunships (since the gunships would always have time to start the long chase with their BR, and eventually I'd have to break off when they found a friendly minefield or friendly dogfighter, after which it was a coin flip to see if I could even successfully disengage...).

It had me really down for a while, so I started looking for a new build. The major idea was that I wanted to keep my mobility, but was willing to lose maneuverability in exchange for better damage output. Copilot Bypass wasn't cutting it anymore.

I'm going to differ on component choice with Armonddd, but I think a lot of GSF is really finding a build that suits your play style, and roll with that. There are some things that are just better on a scout (Light Armor/BLCs), but there's still plenty of room to customize to your style.

My current build:
Systems: Targeting Telemetry - I prefer this over Blaster Overcharge because of power management. Tier 5 TT (25% surge, if put in ground game terms) is a REALLY big deal if you get close to someone.
Shield: Quick Charge Shield - The biggest draw for Disto Shield has always been the extra missile lock break. Otherwise, I see it's value, but I don't like the RNG aspect of it. Quick Charge seems more reliable to me, and in general, I don't usually need the extra lock break. On top of that, the T3 upgrade lets you Regen 60% of normal while being damaged. Math might not support me here, but "feel" does, for what it's worth.
Engine: Retro Thrusters - I've never been a fan of BR on the T2. The distance closer was rarely relevant, and when used as a missile break, it's totally defensive. Retro can be flipped to be either a missile break, OR another Offensive maneuver. I love flexibility, and this Engine has that in spades. If you have good spatial awareness, the offensive power of Retro is really unmatched by any other engine maneuver.
Weapons: BLCs and Clusters. Not much to be said here. I can see case arguments for Quads + Rockets (either/or/both), but I think the BLC + Double Cluster is the most versatile/lethal combo.
Reactor: Large Reactor - I waffle here between Large and Regeneration Reactor. The Regeneration, along with the passive from the T3 Shield (regen 60% while taking damage) seems very good, because you bypass all the "wait before recharge" math. On the other hand, you get more back on use of Quick Charge with Large.
Armor: - I don't like RNG, but... With all the "ignore armor" effects, Deflection seems a poor choice, and the Reinforced boost is weak on a scout, so the Stats math wins out here.
Capacitor: Damage - I used to like Frequency, but without 2V's Efficient Fire, I think Damage wins for me here. Although I'd never really considered the + to damage from the Ranged, increasing the higher damage range as well... Good point, Armonddd, and I'll have to play around with that.
Thrusters: Regeneration Thrusters - Speed is still life. I'm now without my trusty Booster Charge, but I need to keep my boosters up as much as possible. Haven't tried Power, but have no complaints with Regen. I know I lose the maneuverability, and that's always been a concern, but... I kind of think that the times where the turning really tips the scales in my favor are... minimal. It's not the way I fly anymore. Actual turning battles are rare (because Gunships), and if I get in one, and it looks like I'm losing, I'm happy to be the first to break away, and let you follow me to more favorable terrain. If my target is sat humping... it's really rare that you actually NEED more turning radius to stay on the target. Careful use of boosters and your general acceleration seems to more than compensate for the loss in turning. I was REALLY worried with this change because of initial thoughts and perception. What I found, however, is that the bonus in turning is too much of an edge case where it's a real benefit. The game's changed.

Copilot: Blizz - Yes, Hydro-spanner is generally weak, but being able to regen your hull even a bit by yourself has actually over-performed for me. It might be psychological, but I "feel" free to fly a bit more naturally if I can repair my flaming hull. If I'm red, flaming, and have next to no hull, I'm overly sensitive to bypass effects killing me in a shot. So long as I'm not a flaming red mess, I am perfectly happy to fly right back into a melee. So knock it on the math if you want, but it works for me.
Offensive: Jaesa - I don't care about extra ammo anymore. I think far too many people think Cluster Missiles are the primary weapon on a T2 scout. But the more I fly, the less I like them outside of a dogfight. They let the enemy know you're there. The relatively light damage isn't worth giving up surprise. As such, sure, I'll run out of them on occasion, but... Who cares? Give me the wider arc and the accuracy, and since I'm rolling with Blizz for Spanner, not having Concentrated Fire isn't a drawback.

NOTE* - If you'll notice, I'm taking a page out of the playbook of the GS. They're not nice enough to let you know they're about to rail you with an indicator, you just get hit. I feel it's only fair to return the favor.

Defensive: Ashara - Because passives. A little reduction can be nice, even though I don't stack it. The evasion is what I'm after. Haven't really considered much trying to get an evasion + shields companion here. Might be better?
Tactical: Salana Rok - People knock it, but Comm sensors seem to be a solid choice. I'm never going to be a real "ghost", so dampening is largely irrelevant. Regular range is ok, I guess, but... If I can see what my allies can see at greater range, it gives me a better view of how the battle as a whole is unfolding, and where I need to go to be the most effective. I think most options are largely irrelevant for the T2 scout, but I do like the comm boost.
Engineering: Blizz - Upping booster pool while reducing the cost of use is a win for me with this build. Losing Booster Charge really hurts, and I based almost the entire build around mitigating that loss. Since I like Hydro-Spanner, it's a bonus that Blizz is the only one that has both Power to Engines and Efficient Maneuvers.

The long and short is this:

I now have the offensive firepower to vaporize most opponents very quickly (Even bombers will usually fall with a single bar of blaster power using Clusters to finish). My change in play style (using Clusters largely as finishers) has also gotten me several kills against people who have no idea I'm there. Either sneaking, or if I'm defending allies... You're not "silent", but you're not broadcasting your position either, and that can net you a couple more shots If they're focused on something else.

So far it's been a very successful build. I don't have a ton of screens from post 2.7, but here's one I uploaded from Wednesday night (the 2nd day of 2.7). I had another one last night in a losing effort against a partial premade (or at least several players I know of, and often play at similar times) where I got 21 kills : 5 deaths, but failed to take that screenshot. The above screen was definitely against an underpowered team but I think this build is quite viable and lethal. Even with them being underpowered... I beat them on my own (obviously team, blah blah, couldn't have done it if it were ACTUALLY 8v1 applies, but outscoring an entire team is still a feat).

The most surprising thing to me is how much booster power I have/how long I can go at full speed. Outside of a wayward Ion Rail, I VERY rarely miss Booster Recharge. Even if I run out, with the regen stacking, I'm at least at 1/4 bar quite quickly, which is enough to run to the next cover point if I'm being chased.
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04.11.2014 , 11:30 PM | #18
Great post above from Graendahl, certainly one of the top pilots on my server. Perhaps moderately less so when not entirely sober.

I kid, I kid.

But seriously, I appreciate the thought and effort that obviously went into the post, and the OP's as well. I fly mostly GS these days...what can I say, the tears and rage induced by the ion lolgun bring me joy (I simply never tire of this, and I know, I'm a bad person). But I've dabbled in everything, and well-thought-out builds like these make me want to hop in the T2 again. I've got a ton of req banked on a couple of them, I'm going to try the build above and see what I can do with it.
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04.12.2014 , 12:36 AM | #19
Quote: Originally Posted by MaximilianPower View Post
Perhaps moderately less so when not entirely sober.
I'll never live that down, will I?
Master, I marked the best escape pod for your use. I of course, will go down with the ship.
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04.22.2014 , 01:50 PM | #20
I have tried a lot of what people have suggested now, ended up putting the turning back in on the engine ability, not willing to sacrifice the booster for turning as of yet though. Still haven't tried the "large" reactor yet, ill have to switch in and give it a go today.

Spruced up the OP as well, now it actually looks like a proper build.

Note: In the time spent playing this build my favorite thing to do now is to "poke the beehive" boosting into enemy territory early, attempting to get a kill or harass before running away. People will follow you until their engine power runs out, once they slow down I break and fire on them, usually resulting in a kill. Certainly wasnt able to use running as offense before with blaster OC hehe.
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