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Bloodmark (Tier 3 Scout)

Slivovidze's Avatar

04.11.2014 , 03:15 PM | #11
So finally I played Spearpoint for extended period of time (friday, woohoo), and I must say, that I love the ship.

I was in several big satellite fights tonight, and Tensor field and Shield projector were a huge help to me in these. I can only guess if they helped my teammates as much as they helped me, but since we won all the sat battles I attended, I think I can say that the support probably worked.

What I love the most, however, is the speed. I don't know why, but Spearpoint with Tensor active feels a lot faster to me than my Nova with her speed thrusters and speed upgrade on engine. And I am not on the extra 15% from T5 yet. I am super excited to get there. I feel like the most mobile ship in the game, except the power management is harder, one actually needs to look for quiet spots to let the engine recharge. Cooldown is long, but so is the uptime, and so far surviving while Tensor recharges was far from impossible. 36 seconds of trying to help teammates with support fire and shield projector, then 24 seconds of massive boost. Cooldown matches the CD of CF, so merging these two makes Spearpoint quite a formidable foe.

Still quite struggling with the secondaries, though. Swapped from Thermites to Ions and it was an upgrade, as now enemies I fight tend to have no shields, but it is still far from Rocket Pods or at least Clusters efficiency.

Hopefully I will once return and tell that I found the most awesome Spearpoint build & gameplay.