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[Artifice] Crafting Broken in 2.7

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[Artifice] Crafting Broken in 2.7

Khevar's Avatar

04.10.2014 , 11:06 PM | #11
I do understand Leafy's frustration.

It's one thing to have a bad streak when RE'ing lowbie gear. It's another thing to have a bad streak when RE'ing grade 34 end-game gear. Losing a $5000 bet at the craps table is more frustrating than losing a $50 bet.

I'll say that 2 of my fellow guildies have unlocked 3 different grade 34 enhancement schematics since 2.7 dropped. And I can see plenty of grade 34 enhancements for sale on the GTN.

So I'm pretty sure it's not broken.