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costume armoring advice needed for Comic-con costume

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costume armoring advice needed for Comic-con costume

Sangrar's Avatar

04.02.2014 , 09:19 PM | #1
hello good people, I am seeking advice on a superhero costume I am making. I am currently working on a Robin costume, but I do not want it to look lame, I want it to look realistic. To that purpose I decided to go with plating kind of like used in this batman costume. I just want to know, what kind of material that is cheap is easy to get that looks like that type of plating ( I need it for July so I am in no rush to build). Also, what advice would you guys have on the think material under the plates? I just need to know because I must start building the costume soon ( and building muscle too, that's going to be the hard part, got little to work with, so anyone know a get buff quick thing let me know, must be safe for people who are still growing by the way). Anyway I will give updates as to my progress as well and ask for further advice as needed, and any and all advice is appreciated.
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04.02.2014 , 10:19 PM | #2
there aren't really any "get buff quick" ways that are safe and healthy (actors that do that - do so knowing that they are endangering their health, and they STILL do it with personal trainers, under supervision and while no longer growing)

that said, as far as armor is concerned - there are several options and most would probably involve over painting.

one of the cheaper, easier to work with options, involves ye olde craft foam. like for example done in this tutorial

this seems to be a very good overview - with links to where to buy etc.
there's wonderflex
there are also several cosplayers that swear by worbla (which seems to be somewhat similar to wonderflex)
some people like to use EVA foam

basically, you want something light enough to wear and simple enough to work with, that you can refinish to give it the exact look you want and more often than not, its going to be some sort of foam.

as for material for under the plates, some sort of jersey weave? I would think that it should be something stretchy to fit closer to the body, maybe you could even find ready made tops and bottoms, like workout clothes, or biking clothes or something. if it doesn't fit tightly, get a smaller size? I mean... I know cosplayers who pay extra to get custom printed fabric in exact pattern they want, which also tends to take extra time so...

good luck and well wishes, hope your costume turns out the way you want it sorry if advice wasn't as helpful as you would have preferred.

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04.06.2014 , 12:03 AM | #3
Expanding foam like the stuff they use to insulate
Walls n stuff once it hardends you can carve it to shape easily then cover is whith
Plasti coat which is a plastic based spray paint( not paint for plastic but an actual plastic)
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