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The Dye Wishlist Thread

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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04.03.2014 , 11:07 AM | #1
Well we have one for weapons and armor, so how about what we use to make them all pretty.

This isn't for complaining about how bad the Dye system sucks (sorry BioWare, I love you guys, but ... ) or demanding improvements.

Instead, let's be honest even within this clunk-a-holic and awkward system, we can do some amazing things that were never possible before they brought in Dye Modules.

I think most of my characters have outfits that just flat-out would never have happened without dyes, and their cinematic leveling experience benefited so much from having that power.

And I want more power! More! So for now, working within the constraints of the system we have, what new additions would we like to see to the Dye system?

Here's my current wishlist:
  • Stop making dyes unavailable. It's kind-of neat to make vintage old Speeders (like the Hoverchairs) and Armor Sets since those "last" a long time. But Dye is a quickly-used-up consumable, and it's very frustrating to have it go off-market completely since it's so much more ubiquitious in application than a single speeder or armor model.
  • Perhaps once a Dye finishes its run inside a Shipment of packs, you could allow it to begin dropping inside normal Dye Module kits? Or a new 'Vintage Dye Module Kit' which can contain old dyes unavailable from packs?
  • More Pale colors. Right now you have a lot of frankly-garish and visually-painful BRIGHT + DARK combos that really take the subtlety out of outfits. I would prefer more dyes like Pale Blue / Pale Gray and Dark Gray / Black that allow you to create subtle, semi-realistic looking outfits. The X-Men are cool and all, but I don't want to dress like them.
  • Things I would like to see are stuff like Pale Blue / White, White / Pale Blue, White / Mint Green, White / Light Gray, etc.
  • Also more unique and interesting stuff the neon things you had in Shipment 2 (Medium Orange / Medium Green). Lately you've been doing really dull and bland recycling combos of the same simplistic Windows Paint color palettes.
  • Also more subtle dark combos, along the lines of Dark Gray / Black.
  • Dye Remover. An expensive consumable that allows you to extract a Dye Module for re-use. Market conditions will determine whether it's better to buy a Remover, or just buy a new module. I think this respects your (frustrating) design vision for Dyes while still allowing people some additional options to keep using their favorite colors, especially if they're now off-market.
  • Special dyes that add things like Glossy qualities to armor, Metallic reflectivity, Sparkle? Glitter? omg the possibilities! Pink glittering SPARKLE SITH!

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04.03.2014 , 12:27 PM | #2
I would love to see this, particularly in craftable versions. The pastels and rich hues that are not bright would be great.

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04.04.2014 , 09:05 AM | #3 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Thanks for the great suggestions!

We will keep an eye on this thread so keep the ideas coming.

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04.04.2014 , 09:28 AM | #4
I would be all for dye remover some dyes are so rare and expensive its actualy cheaper to buy new armor if I want new color then is to buy new dye.

like black/black is 4 million on my server so if I ever want to change things up I need a new suit cause no way would I remove a 4 mil mod just to change things lol

MetaRayMek's Avatar

04.04.2014 , 09:43 AM | #5
I would love more colors that are far less garish and eye-blearingly bright than most of the ones we have already. It's kind of obnoxious to find that a dye color looks like the saturation was jacked up to 11 in Photoshop, with little thought given to how it would coordinate with certain other colors (esp. the tertiary) on an armor.

Case in point: I'd love more colors in the same H/S/V range as the Thana Vesh armor*blue. Like grey-ish red, brown, green, et all. Or even the dark-ish blue on the Black Talon Inquisitor chestpiece as well.

And I'd love more creamy-like shades of brown, ivory, and yellow. Those would look quite lovely on certain Jedi Robes and a few casual-like gears. This Standard/Premimum chestpiece that Kira is wearing here (which I got on Alderaan) shows what I mean:

I'd also love the grey-ish purple color on this chestpiece (currently a Prototype/Artifact chestpiece, non-moddable):

Basically, less intense saturations, more "subdued" colorings would be great.

KaitoX's Avatar

04.04.2014 , 10:04 AM | #6
Please BioWare I've been bumping my thread for 2 dyes (Primary deep Gray being 1 and the other a Secondary Deep gray) for over 6 months!!

Please add these dyes so i can finally make my armor set look exactly like in the cinematic trailers! (Eradicator's Warsuit is all black when the armor underneath the robe should be a dark gray) The current medium gray looks way too light on some armor sets and it would nice to finally have a deep gray of each kind to customize it better.

Magnusheart's Avatar

04.04.2014 , 10:21 AM | #7

MEDIUM Blue, Red, Green, Purple secondary only.

Medium Blue Only or even a White and Medium Blue. = Ability to replicate most Republic Trooper NPCs. =D

Same for a Medium Red. or a Black and Medium Red. = Ability to replicate Imperial Trooper colors.

waterboytkd's Avatar

04.04.2014 , 11:36 AM | #8
I feel that any color that's available in some kind of dye combination should also be available in a primary only version as well as a secondary only version. There really aren't enough choices if you just want to alter the primary or secondary color only on your outfit.

Those could be either: 1) new Artificer recipes; 2) new additions for direct purchase on the CM; 3) part of 2 new CM dye packs, the Primary Dye Pack, and the Secondary Dye Pack, where you only get primary and secondary dyes, respectively.
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04.04.2014 , 12:42 PM | #9
I also would like less garish, more subtle shades. Many of the bright, saturated colors work pretty well on heavy armor, but on most other things . . . not so much.

General suggestions:
Rich Purple -- something like the color of the Imperial Vindicator's Chestguard.
Rose Pink -- a medium dusty pink; the color that the Relaxed Jumpsuit pants become when color-matched to Imperial Bolted Body Armor.
Dark Teal -- a deep, warm green-toned blue.
Pale Aqua -- think the current Pale Blue, but warm instead of icy.
Cream White -- a creamy off-white.

Rich Purple/Dark Grey
Cream White/Rose Pink
Rose Pink/Black
Black/Dark Teal
Pale Aqua/White
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04.04.2014 , 01:04 PM | #10
Id like to see primary black secondary gold and the reverse primary gold and secondary black. I also would like to see cartel dyes unlockable in collections like our other cartel items.