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Stuff to make to sell

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04.02.2014 , 01:07 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by AussieAlan View Post
Now I do not get that, why do people say mk9 aug kits, I guess you people must not be on Harbinger, by the time you factor in mats for parts, then mats to make the aug kits you actually end up getting less selling the kits then if you just sold the parts.
I play on the Harbinger:

This is another occasion where time and credits are interchangeable resources:

If you take the time to craft items for the sole purpose of RE to get the components then the materials for crafting a single kit is less than the GTN value, in which case you profit (do the math: [assuming using CT for components and AT or AM to make the kits] 21 TCF, 17 Turadium, 12 Mythra [remember when you RE the droid parts you get materials back and that should factor into your cost analysis], and 2 BMIC are valued at approximately 42k on the GTN and crafting vendor; and the kits sell for 55k to 60k each). And that is assuming you buy the materials off the GTN and from the crafting vendor. Now take even more time and run missions to acquire the materials yourself and costs go down even more (although I do not subscribe to that way of thinking, many do); even with worst case missions being run (AKA Bountiful missions), one can cut that 42k cost by a third.

BUT the MK-9 components are valued roughly 5k to 6k each on the GTN. So if you buy the components rather than making them yourself, yes there is very little profit to be made off kits; one becomes dependent on crits.

And this is why I market watch. I stock up on both components and kits and whichever is selling for more, I post.
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