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<QUANTUM> recruiting fun and skilled great people! (Republic)

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<QUANTUM> recruiting fun and skilled great people! (Republic)

Parasi's Avatar

03.13.2014 , 12:12 PM | #1
<Quantum> is looking for more people to join for HM ops and some PvP, etc. We are a small guild, intentionally, though we aim to expand a bit. We've always maintained a single team environment and like to be a cohesive group. We want to gradually expand from a primarily 8-man raiding group to the point where we can regularly do both 8 man and 16 man content of all difficulties. And killing imps is always great, however it happens!

If you have previous raiding experience, especially from games such as EQ/EQ2 and the like, that's awesome! We have some veterans in the mix. If you have no ops experience that's okay, though we're looking for some dedicated people who love to be really good regardless of your current experience level.

That's who we are: we don't all have hardcore schedules but we all love to excel and conquer anything the game can throw at us! We have a respectful environment that is open to all sorts of fun, and has room to try new things as well.

We raid primarily in the evenings, with harder ops on the weekends, starting at 7 or 8pm (Pacific). We are alt-friendly, but want to maintain a very high standard for at least one character per person (if you rock at 3, that's even better!).

We value fun and having good people to raid with. We don't have a strict system of requirements but have high expectations of each player who runs with us. Quantum is a guild of great people who love playing the game to the fullest and can call each other friends. Contact Parasi, Ginga'ninja, Thesquirrel, or Arcutas in game or on our website.

Parasi's Avatar

03.17.2014 , 02:24 PM | #2
As of mid-March, we're looking especially for a talented healer who can jump in for the hardest of challenges (gear is no matter, we can get that). Sage or scoundrel would be preferred to partner with a commando.

We're currently gearing up for NiM mode challenges but will keep HM in the rotation too. If you're looking to raid and want to be part of a tight team, look us up. Sentinels and shadow tanks are currently plentiful, so we'd need you to have an alt to play as well for those two. All other classes work great for us. We really need a very strong ranged damage dealer at the moment (over 3k testing dps)

Parasi's Avatar

03.24.2014 , 01:56 PM | #3
Updates and some frequent questions:

We are always looking for greatly skilled players. Right now, we have a core group who plan to progress through NiM Dread Fortress along with some recent additions potentially staying through the progression. As such, we have room for more and, while we can promise ops every week and gearing up in Dread Forged, we can't promise a spot on the NiM raid every week but HM and some NiM mode runs. This is subject to change by the time DP NiM releases.

16-man is a target. We're not pushing to do 16-man ops exclusively at this point but we'd love to once we have the personnel for it regularly. In the near future it will be 8-man primarily with 16-man ops mixed in,

We are a republic only guild - some members play Imperial alts but we neither have a guild presence nor focus on it.

We schedule our ops week by week allowing for our members' various life committments but generally do the hardest content (progression, etc.) on Friday and Saturday starting at 8pm (Pacific) mostly.

We are not opposed to people being in other raid groups aside from Quantum, but we are only interested in bringing in people who want to devote themselves to our team and join others on the side.

Ranked PvP - yes, please! We have not had a presence in pre-made ranked in Season 1 but hope to schedule about one night per week for ranked warzones after 2.7. Some of our people have done pre-season 1 ranked (8-man) and also solo ranked more recently. This is a passion - we kill imps :-) - but it's also a side hobby. We'll spend more time on ops than warzones.

Ryan-gabriel's Avatar

03.24.2014 , 04:02 PM | #4
Hey guys I'm interesting join your/ ops raid. I'm been raid for over a year nowin imp side. But I have geared healer smuggle gear with 78 couple set and its ready for weekend party/ hm df/dp.. i ' all check the web side

SquirrelAK's Avatar

03.31.2014 , 04:54 PM | #5
We are still looking for skilled and high-character people to join! Please see above info posted by Parasi!

Parasi's Avatar

04.12.2014 , 12:56 AM | #6

We would like 1 NiM ready ranged DPS currently (1/5 NiM DF but not rushing) and can take healers, DPS and 1 tank for HM/SM.

Sub-55 characters are welcome but we have few people playing low levels. Contact us in-game.