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All Retailers Who Sell Cartel Coins

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All Retailers Who Sell Cartel Coins

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03.24.2014 , 07:20 AM | #1
The special pets are a really nice addition to the purchase and I would like to get more. I posted on the customer service area and no response, naturally. One would think BW would see it as "omg he wants to spend more money, lets help him"

I have already purchased from Amazon, but I am curious where else to get them.

I've heard Walmart, Best Buy (Confirm?) where else?

Thank you.

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03.24.2014 , 08:37 AM | #2
This is one discussion, but there's an newer one as well ...

This is the most recent discussion on the topic (and it reads like some kind of continuation from the above discussion) :

In short I can only say that North America gets other pets than Europe, and that European pets seem to be unlockable for NA players, but not vice versa (except with an american IP, for example, if an European travels to some U.S. conventions and buys a Cartel Coins Card there, and unlocks the pet on the European's notebook in an nearby hotel during the convention).

That's how I have understood it.
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03.25.2014 , 03:45 PM | #3
I was able to purchase a European CC card on eBay, redeem it in the U.S., and unlock the pet.

What I've heard is that the opposite won't work--CC cards purchased in the U.S. aren't lockable on computers located outside North America (or maybe the U.S.)

There's a link to an FAQ about this buried in one of the posts that looks fairly up-to-date from what I know of:

ProTip, though: the U.S. Wal-mart Gilded Flutterplume is a pain to find. When I was looking back in June 2013, I had to check four different Wal-marts (in two different states) before I finally tracked one down, and skimming the second post Alrik shared, it looked like it continued to be hit-and-miss months later.
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03.25.2014 , 11:17 PM | #4
just be aware,i and someone else bought cards from walmart,when I used mine I got the pet,but no coins. contacted support, had to send them a scan of both the back of the card with the code exposed,and a scan of the recipt showing the purchase, while a pain, CS did get me the coins,