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<Impetus Norvegicus> Recruiting more players

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<Impetus Norvegicus> Recruiting more players

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03.21.2014 , 02:48 PM | #1
About us:
We are the largest Norwegian guild in SWTOR on the imperial side.
We are especially interested in people for our raid team.
Our progression raid team is raiding 2 days a week (tuesday and thursday, 19:45-23:00).

We also welcome any Norwegian gamers for social events, and to build a stronger and wider community.

We do not have enough members who are taking PvP seriously to have an individual PvP team, but many of our members plays PvP from time to time.

Our progression in operations (raids) so far:
Cleared - Dread Palace 16HM
Cleared - Dread Fortress 16HM
Cleared - All former operations on 16HM, including some on NiM NiM.
Porgress - Inn the new NM mode DF

Application can be delivered here:

What we expect from you:
- That you are at least 18 years of age.
- That you are Norwegian
- That you register on the forum (being active is of course a plus!)
- Log in to your character(s) at least once every month.
- Other then that, we expect you to follow the rules of whatever activity you participate in (progression team, possibly a PvP team etc.)
- Civilized and good behaviour.

What you can expect from us:
- A large, all Norwegian community
- Active players and Officers
- Help with your class
- An active forum where you can ask whatever is on your mind.
- A good place to spend your playtime in SW:ToR

We have the following to offer:
- Mumble for VoIP
- Our own forum
- Social events every now and then, sometimes along with a norwegian republic guild
- Friday raids - where we drink and socialize on Mumble.

Much more is going on, so go ahead and apply!
<Impetus Norvegicus Guildcounciler>
Scopi - 55 Sorc