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How can I make more money?

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How can I make more money?

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03.19.2014 , 06:37 AM | #1
How can I make more money?

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03.19.2014 , 07:02 AM | #2
Do every possible quest and try not to get kill too often.

ImmortalLowlife's Avatar

03.19.2014 , 07:02 AM | #3
Simplest was is selling crafting materials on the GTN. I'd suggest choosing all gathering skills. (I'd suggest Slicing which provides instant money, scavenging, and either underworld trading or treasure hunting)
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03.19.2014 , 07:16 AM | #4
Depends on your level. Dailies often give relatively good amounts of money.

And if you have the hacking crew skill, then please use it in the open worlds as well.
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03.19.2014 , 08:48 AM | #5
Another option, if you have real money to 'spare', is to buy Cartel Packs/Hypercrates from the Cartel Market, then, sell them on the GTN. One hypercrate can sell for several million credits on the GTN.

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03.19.2014 , 09:12 AM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by wwwter View Post
How can I make more money?
More information required.

How many and what level characters do you have?
What Crew Skills do you have on those characters?

Generally speaking:
- Sell stuff on the GTN: materials and crafted goods
- Do more dailies: each area can generate about 100k a day
- Run Flashpoints: if done without death you can make about 30k running the daily
- Participate in PvP: whether ground PvP or GSF you get credits for participating and finishing a battle
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03.19.2014 , 02:27 PM | #7
- Don't try to level up a crafting skill. They can cost you millions.

- Take some gathering skills (archeology, bioanalysis, scavenging, slicing) or some mission skills (diplomacy, underworld trading, investigation, treasure hunting), or a combination, and sell on the GTN the materials you gather.

- Don't spend on crap; get the cheapest speeder from the GTN, and otherwise be frugal with your purchases. You only need to upgrade your equipment to match your level every 5 level or so, and you only need to get armors for yourself and the companion you use the most.

- Use the gear that you get from quests, and use the planet coins to buy mods for your gear instead of using credits or cartel money. Use commendations that you get from PVP, etc. to buy gear, try to avoid using credits to buy gear. Not always possible, but the game does give you a ton of various commendations and armor pieces as rewards.

- Buy cartel coins with real money, then buy the cartel packs that are on sale with a discount, and sell them on the GTN for credits. This costs you real money, but a lot of people think in terms of "1 hr at work = salary = this many cartel coins = this many credits" compared to "1 hr in game doing quests or PVP or whatever = a lot fewer credits"

PLynkes's Avatar

03.19.2014 , 03:19 PM | #8
There seems to be good money in goo. Folks can't get enough of that stuff on my server. Heaven knows what they do with it all (and I don't want to, frankly).

Merouk's Avatar

03.19.2014 , 07:18 PM | #9
Goo is somewhat crashed on my server. It doesn't seem to sell.

BUT, I do like the color blue, and of all the blue things in the game, the color of blue goo is I think the best looking blue.

Kulyok's Avatar

03.20.2014 , 04:12 AM | #10
Green Goo's always been worth ~10-15 a pop on my server, and now it's like 150. I guess people are switching to Biochem and can't be bothered to return to Dromund Kaas.

You can always start several different alts with several different crew skills and see what sells. For example, blue hilts and purple reusables sell very bad on my server, but crafting materials sell wonderfully, especially for Biochem. Same goes for certain metals and compounds, since everybody needs Cybertech. Chanlon in particular is sky-high, though Coruscant is full of it.

And, yeah, dailies bring a no small amount of money|, even 50-level ones like Black Hole and Section X. Oricon dailies in particular are good, especially if you're in a group: they don't require a lot of running around and give lots of basic comms compared to Makeb's constant jumping from here to there. I like Czerka's dailies for that, too. Lower level? Low-level crafting materials - just send your companions for them all the time.
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