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NiM in Pug group?

Adaliaya's Avatar

03.17.2014 , 02:37 PM | #1
Any changes to get trough?
I would love to do endgame, even HMs but my friends are so far PvPers
So I don't have people to do content with but I still would love to do content
I always want to be well geared and know my stuff ti not cause wipes so I'm not looking for freerides

Nero-Star's Avatar

03.17.2014 , 02:58 PM | #2
What server are you on?

Methoxa's Avatar

03.17.2014 , 03:02 PM | #3
Sorry to say that but if you "only" want the best gear :

#1 Until DF nim hasnt arrive Oricon hm has the best gear
#2 Nim's arent succesfull in pure randoms, if you have however the luck to get a random spot in a steady raidgrp :
#3 they wont take you if you only want the loot

grrrly's Avatar

03.17.2014 , 03:04 PM | #4
You want to run nightmare mode ops with a pug group, but haven't completed the op before? Not going to happen. I see HM ops groups forming on fleet but its usually a guild looking for people to make up the numbers, and its requested that players have completed the content before. When my guild does this we inspect achievements and gear. I've only rarely seen pug groups forming for NiM S&V or TFB and they always require players to link their achievements. Even the guilds who advertise carry throughs on HM DF and DP for credits aren't likely to take someone who is really undergeared and inexperienced, some fights won't allow for this.

Join a guild if you are keen to do end game PVE. If you haven't done ops before you may be hard pressed to get into a progression raiding team, so look for a guild that does casual ops. This way you can learn the fights and get some gear to allow you to move on to more difficult content.

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03.17.2014 , 05:22 PM | #5
My guild has actually pugged people in for NiM TfB for fun (after we had already titled). It's definitely a lot of fun introducing people to content that is a tighter coordination check than what they may have previously seen, and sometimes people do surprise you in exciting ways. We've found some very good recruits by pugging, and even just pugging within guild sometimes unearths gems in the rough.

With that said, you better have a lot of credits and time on your hand, because if you pug these ops you're going to wipe quite a bit. It can absolutely be done, and impressively Nightmare S&V was cleared 5/7 by a PuG group on Pot5 at level (world fifth, I think), but you need a quite a bit of luck and a lot of patience.
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03.17.2014 , 10:22 PM | #6
Nono, ofc I will run SMs and HMs first, and multiple times to be sure to perform well. And no, I dont want only loot, I want to do content to enjoy challenge. Question was mostly theoretical thanks for answers
Edit: Server is Red Eclipse

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03.18.2014 , 08:25 AM | #7
In addition to what everyone else is saying, why don't you join a guild that is aiming for the content you want to be doing?

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