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What's your character's back-story/Is it lore appropriate?

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What's your character's back-story/Is it lore appropriate?

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03.18.2014 , 01:26 AM | #11
Darth Snickėrs / Human / Sith Juggernaut

Born: Mythriel Udesii
Homeworld: Concordia (moon of Mandalore)
Family: Jurkadir (brother)

Born to Mandalorian parents on the moon of Concordia, Myth was always powerful in the force. This was not something a Mandalorian was often proud of so she hid her talents in her childhood, but unfortunately her powers grew too quickly and her constant slips led Sith to her family's door. They waited till the father was away with his son on a mercenary job before slipping into the home and killing Myth's mother and kidnapping the child.

Subjected to torture and deprivation during the journey back to Korriban, she learned how to sustain herself with the force, and her power grew. But so did her hate. By the time she'd arrived, her hate over the murder of her mother, disgust at the cowardly Sith, and fear from being kidnapped bubbled to the surface and she lashed out with the force, snapping a sith apprentice's neck. The other Sith managed to restrain her, but there was no denying her power and she would continue to focus her rage to become a killing machine laced with raw power even as an Acolyte.

She'd eventually find herself under the tutelage of Overseer Tremel...

Jurkadir / Human / Powertech

Born: Jurkadir Udesii
Homeworld: Concordia (moon of Mandalore)
Family: Mythriel (sister)

Born to Mandalorian parents, he was raised in a traditional mandalorian culture. When he was a teenager his father took him out on missions and trained him as a warrior. Not long after his father began to train him, they returned from a mission to find his mother dead and sister kidnapped. Enraged, the two men scoured the galaxy for the other half of their family to no avail. Their quest though, saw them disrespect Mandalore and his orders getting them exiled and considered Aruetii.

When Jurkadir was twenty, his father was killed by a young Jedi while attempting to settle a dispute on an Outer Rim colony. They'd been called upon to serve as hired muscle to protect one faction and the Jedi and his master were supposed to negotiate peace. Eventually Jurkadir's father took it on himself to visit the opposition leader and negotiate peacefully but the Jedi attacked him. After a protracted fight, the Jedi cleaved the Mandalorian in two right before his son. Jurkadir though, disarmed the Jedi and killed him with his bare hands. The young Jedi's master arrived soon after and began to hunt Jurkadir down. Jurkadir evaded him on the planet for several days before he finally confronted the Jedi. After the Jedi made short work of Jurkadir's weapons, Jurkadir fled to his father's ship and fired a missile finally killing the Jedi. He obliterated the opposition leader's hut and negotiated a victory for his faction. After receiving his credits, he bribed the tribe's leader not to tell anyone what happened and fled. He traveled the galaxy, his pair of lightsabers forming the basis of a growing collection that he'd develop over time.

Eventually he found work in Hutt space, where he'd later meet a curious man named Braden.
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04.12.2014 , 07:52 PM | #12
Zakk, my Jedi Guardian

He was raised in secrecy, along with his sister Saddi, by his parents, Marik and Juni, who were both Jedi. At a young age his parents were killed by a Sith on Balmorra. The two children became Jedi and trained in their parents footsteps. Saddi became the Barsenthor and Zakk became the Hero of Tython.
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04.16.2014 , 09:53 PM | #13
My Trooper is a liason for a planet far in the Unknown Regions. He is also a Noble from that world, as well as a senior official from its Government.
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04.16.2014 , 10:38 PM | #14
Kyrean, my human Jedi guardian.

He was born to a pair of Imperial agents serving under Darth Thanaton. It should be noted that he also had an adoptive brother (a zabrak baby who the agents found abandoned and named "Orcen". He was only two years older than Kyrean.) Due to the harsness of the empire, the two agents were planning on defecting to the Republic. But Thanaton discovered their plot, and Kyrean's parents were forced to flee with the children (who were both still babies). At one point in the confusion, Kyrean and his mother were separated from his father and Orcen. At one point Thanaton's soldiers caught up with Kyrean and his mother, and shot her. But thankfully, a Jedi duo was passing by and stopped the soldiers. But it was too late for Kyrean's mother, who spent her last moments asking the Jedi to ensure a good life for her son. The Jedi took Kyrean and discovered his sensitivity to the force. From that point on, Kyrean was raised as a Jedi.

Kyrean is just one of eight characters I have. I may decide to post the rest later. (Orcen has his own story, for example.)

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04.18.2014 , 09:28 PM | #15
My bounty hunter was bullied by little hutts in a school on nar shadda, he decided to be a bounty hunter so hutts respect him and pay him money for his work.

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04.19.2014 , 06:11 AM | #16
Especially on an RP server, it's vital to separate the "in-game plot" character from the "real" character. Having a dozen characters running around as "The Jedi Knight" would be no end of confusing, not to mention limiting! This means that I don't think of my characters as being the Bioware characters at all. When you aren't trying to fit into a narrow Bioware story prompt, there's a lot more freedom to be "lore appropriate". :-) My Sith (not "Sith Warrior") is:

(This thread has reminded me that it's been ages since I updated that page. Sigh.)
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04.21.2014 , 03:56 PM | #17
Born to the order fifty-seven galactic standard years ago, Serano Finnigan would love to be retired from the active battlefield, and pursuing a life of quiet contemplation which includes instructing nubile young Padawan maidens in the "mysteries" of the force, and sleeping in late on Sundays.

Unfortunately, the Bloody Sith Empire refuses to be properly defeated, forcing the aging Knight to continue to do his part for the survival of the Republic. Decades spent serving on the front lines alongside the brave troopers of the republic have given him a propensity for colorful language, drinking, and a preference for the company of soldiers. He's known for the unusual trait of wearing full trooper armor with his robes, swearing by the protection it's given him over the years.

His eccentric character traits have prevented his rise in the order, but they may also be a clever ruse designed to prevent getting promoted and separating him from his beloved soldiers, whom he has come to view as the surrogate sons and daughters he'll never be able to have. The loss of many comrades over the years to the Empire's cruelty has hardened his heart, and strengthened his resolve to one day outlive the Sith empire, if only for the sake of his friend's memories.
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04.23.2014 , 06:38 PM | #18
I wanted to roll an "old man" appearing Jedi, kind of like Obi-wan as portrayed by Alec Guinness, and I created a backstory that would explain why a grey haired old guy would be a Padawan undergoing the trials, and also why he was killing Flesh Raiders on Tython at level 2 with a Cartel Market Lightsaber I unlocked and replicated out of the Collections.

Zheviar's story begins 30 years before the sacking of Coruscant, while he and his master are returning from a Jedi diplomatic mission in the Outer Rim. A freak accident with the navigation system causes their ship to crash on an uncharted, and barely hospitable moon, far from the trade lanes. Zheviar's master is severly injured, and dies not long after, leaving the young Padawan to fend for himself. He survives, learns to feed himself from the local flora and fauna, while still doing his Jedi exercises as best he can. He practices combat forms using his master's lightsaber, and learns to defend himself from predatory creatures with the Force.

As years pass by, he senses a growing darkness in the Force, but has no idea that the Sith Empire has returned, about the war, or anything else. It is thirty years later, while meditating, he finally makes contact through the Force with a Jedi passing nearby, and is rescued at long last. He is debriefed, evaluated, re-educated and finally sent on to Tython to pick up his training where he left off. Even though he is physically older than many of his teachers and all of his peers, he knows he still has much to learn. Surprisingly, he is even allowed to keep his Master's old lightsaber, since it has ironically been his for even longer than it was his master's. He knows he will constuct his own lightsaber eventually, as part of his final trial, but he still keeps his master's old lightsaber in remembrance.