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Empty-handed Imp on Makeb

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03.16.2014 , 01:01 PM | #1
On the Republic side there's an Area 2+ mission called A City Held Hostage that rewards very decent implants and ear-pieces. I've completed this mission in the past on a few of my pubs and the gear rewarded always went such a long way.

I'm finding out that this Area heroic is only for the Republic and after searching Dulfy through every Makeb mission I'm not seeing ANYTHING that offers similar gear. The only ones that offer good stuff are the same Heroic 2+/4+ that mirror the Republic. There doesn't seem to be any equivalent mission for A City Held Hostage.

I tried searching for the mission rewards so i can share with you all the stats on the gear but i'm not seeing it posted anywhere. I want to say that the main stat is +146 as seen on this link:

I'm hoping I just missed the Imperial version and someone can point it out to me =)
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