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Athiss short

theskullwalker's Avatar

03.16.2014 , 02:53 AM | #1
Hello all,
I would like to share with the community with a short which i discovered in the Athiss Flashpoint (I guess i was the first one). It requires skill to use as you may get stuck when not jumping in the right place + it is risky as it may result in a bug which will NOT UNLOCK the console to lower the forcfields. That bug does not always occur (It seems to occur only when dps/heals aggro the boss so tank should taunt to prevent it, im not sure if my theory is correct though) and the short is useful to skip the strong difficulty droid group.

Heres the map to show.

I will try to provide screens to make it easyer to show.
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03.16.2014 , 11:48 AM | #2
I just tried this out and I can confirm that this shortcut allows you to skip two groups of trash in Athiss (2 strong Trinthan Infestors, 3 standard Trinthan Scavengers and 5 strong Excavation Droids), which is pretty neat considering that you can hardly skip any trash in Athiss. Especially that droid group can lead to a wipe if you cannot mezz at least one droid or tank/healer are lacking gear/skill.
However, the jump to get on the ledge is very complicated and RNG prone, so I don't see groups able to do this; certainly not in PUGs, and only limited use in guild-only groups.

And like you said, there is a bug with the flashpoint quest when you walk on that ledge. In the quest "[FLASHPOINT] Athiss", the following three quest steps are relevant for this shortcut:
  1. Search for the Surviving Explorers
  2. Defeat Professor Ley'arsha
  3. Disable the Ray Shield
After you open the sealed door with the explosives or with archeology, you are on #1. In order to get to step #2, you have to stand at the same position where the droid group is, otherwise the game stays at #1.
If you have a stealth class in the group, that player can easily walk into the droid group to get to step #2 before you attack the boss, otherwise you need to kill those droids anyway; then the shortcut only allowed you to leave out the group of Trinthan creatures.
Once you are on step #2, you can kill the boss and will be on step #3. Like you wrote, there is a bug where when you kill the boss while still on step #1, the quest stays on step #1. You can then walk back to the droid group and the quest switches to #2, but it is impossible to then get to #3 because the boss is already dead, unless you exit area, reset the phase and start anew.

In any case, this is a nice find. Thanks for sharing, even though most groups won't use that shortcut.