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Tyrans Damage Type Error?

ZooMzy's Avatar

03.15.2014 , 11:56 AM | #1
After pulling HM Tyrans for awhile, I've come to notice a little error that doesn't seem to add up.

Being a sin tank, I found it odd that I couldn't completely counter the "Thundering Blast into immediate Shock" rotation that is Tyrans' bread and butter on the tanks, as despite my Force Shroud being active and resisting TB, the Shock damage always went through.

However, I decided to pop my Deflection the next time the rotation went through, and to my surprise, I negated his Shock with the increased defense chance with "parried".

So, based on that scenario, I feel as if an error was made in registering Tyrans' Shock ability as melee weapon type damage rather than a Force attack. It's not game breaking in the slightest, but something I wanted to see if anyone else noticed it/possibly make the small fix towards.