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A question about purchasing extra character slots

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A question about purchasing extra character slots

Shadowflux's Avatar

03.13.2014 , 03:54 AM | #1
so, i might unsubscribe for a month or so and was wondering, since i want 7 characters in one server and the limit for preferred is 6: If I buy the extra character slot now as a subscriber (making my slots 13) then go F2P, would I still have that extra slot when i'm back down to preferred (7th character slot)? Or do I have to purchase when I WANT to unlock it (when I unsubscribe)
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OddballEasyEight's Avatar

03.13.2014 , 04:07 AM | #2
I recall having more than the allotted number of slots when I went F2P back in the day, but I can't say for sure.

The prudent thing would be to wait and use them after you go F2P.
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Shadowflux's Avatar

03.13.2014 , 04:16 AM | #3
I guess so. I just wanted to know, so I can just to get it out of my head in case i decide to just buy it immediately for fear of using my cartel coins up before i need them, haha.
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lumuni's Avatar

03.13.2014 , 05:57 AM | #4
Yes, they will carry over.

I had to downgrade to preferred due to finances for a short time, I have 20 character slots as a Subscriber, I had 14 as a preferred. You will have to "activate" each character when signing on as preferred, basically saying you want one of your limited character slots to go towards that character, voila, 7 active characters by having purchased 1 extra slot as a subscriber.
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