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Announcing End Season 1 Rewards

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Announcing End Season 1 Rewards
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03.12.2014 , 10:11 AM | #341
Quote: Originally Posted by AlrikFassbauer View Post
As was found out here , FOTM classes are more likely to get top tier Season 1 rewards than non-FOTM classes.

I don't like this inbalance.

I have the suspicion that the number of Healer Sorcs / Sages who are getting top tier rewards will be the smallest number of all classes.
However, I have no actual data for that; this is just an suspicion growing after reading various PvP threads about Sages / Sorcs being viable as healers.

I also believe that - accordsing to the Leaderbords - far more Empire faction players will get top tier rewards than Republic faction players.

Which is another inbalance.
As I've noted before, ALL ACs will be represented at 1500+. There are some specs that will make it significantly harder for you to obtain a high rating on, but if you are a skilled PvPer and want the rewards, you can get them with any class. Stop trying to force your spec through and swap to Madness/Balance for Sorc/Sage.

Faction imbalances certainly exist, but the dominant faction changes by server. Also, faction does not matter in terms of grouped rating since you are only reliant on 3 other people being good, not randomly matched with anyone on your faction. If you truly want top tier rewards, you are definitely better off removing the RNG element by doing 4s.
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03.12.2014 , 08:02 PM | #342
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
Hey folks,

One of the things I have seen quite a few questions around is the exclusivity of the Rancor mount which Tier 1 PvPers will be receiving at the end of Season one. I wanted to talk a little bit about Giradda the Hutt’s Rancor mount and the other mounts you will see coming in the future.
  • Giradda’s mount, the armored and tattooed Rancor is a unique appearance that will be exclusive only to our PvP Season one, Tier 1 reward winners.
  • Inside of Nightmare Dread Palace, our Operations players will have a chance to get a very rare mount, a Cyborg Rancor. This will also be a unique appearance of the Rancor which is exclusive to our Ops players.
  • Finally, at some point in the future we will have some more “basic” Rancor models which will be available in other parts of the game, such as the Cartel Market packs.

In short, the specific appearance for the Arena mount and the Cyborg Rancor Ops mount will be unique models, but you can expect to see other Rancor mounts around the fleet in time. Hopefully that answers your questions.


Exactly when? I better start saving.
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03.12.2014 , 08:26 PM | #343
This is a freaking joke, Bioware. Empty shells of the same gear we already have? You do know that we have dye modules right? I mean you implemented them. At the very least the season 1 gear rewards should be on par or better with the next set of pvp gear you're adding. This is stupid.

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03.13.2014 , 12:26 AM | #344
Hello all, I am a new pvper for swtor however i have played other MMOs before this, for some players that I have seen complaining about unranked getting no rewards, my personal believe is that its fair thats why its called unranked for a reason; and in a sense you are getting rewards your getting the pvp gear from the warzone points you accumilated, howevrr for the ranked 1500... is rather low top tier pvp gear should be only rewarded to the TOP players as in all MMOs pvp... its the same goes for pve... HC mode gives better rewards.

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03.14.2014 , 09:14 AM | #345
So will these rewards be Legacy Wide or just the one character that is 1500?