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Constant harassment over the past 5 months by a gm because my fiancee' and I left.

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Constant harassment over the past 5 months by a gm because my fiancee' and I left.

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03.10.2014 , 07:50 AM | #1
I rp on Begeren colony with my fiancee'. We both have level 55 toons that we're very proud of and we have a large group of friends that we rp with and enjoy least we thought we did. We were part of a guild named "Jedi Council" for a few months. Even got so far as to be council members, then we made what would be a choice that the gm would make us regret. We left to form our own guild, one two bright-eyed members of the new community thought would be fun and full of great rp. Unfortunately for us. Our 38 year old man-child of a former gm wouldn't let it go at that. No. Pretending to be a friend the entire time, He has waged a 5-month long crusade of harassment against us using alts and /HIS OWN GUILD MEMBERS/ to send them into our ranks and derail our friendship and trust at every turn. He has since changed his screen name and is hiding from us because now we've told everyone what he's done to us. Worst of all he's even admitted to close friends that he instigated it. I have of course done all the right things. I have reported him for harassment, sent logs of his hate-speech and abuse-laden insults toward myself and my fiancee' to cs. only to have nothing done about it. He's brought my shy, caring fiancee' to wanting to harm herself because of his constant harassment. Yet he has not been banned. I am seriously considering going to the authorities and placing a charge for cyber-bullying. I would ask that customer service take a good look at this person and his chat records. See that he has been harassing us since October last year. This cannot go on any longer.
(and yes we've considered changing servers, but we have a level 30 legacy and unlocks, and WHY SHOULD WE? we're not doing anything wrong.)
I thank you for your time.

Tl;dr - former gm has been harassing my fiancee' and myself for months. cs hasn't banned him.

(edit : it looks like he apologised. we'll see how this works out.)

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03.10.2014 , 09:01 AM | #2
Report him and any alts he uses. Also make sure you place each character on ignore. Every single time he circumvents the system, his account will be actioned, upto and including a permanent ban. The same goes for any of his guild members that follow suit. It will take time, but Bioware will sort it for you. Just make sure to keep reporting and keep ignoring.

If it helps, you could PM one of the devs on the forum directly or email with as much detail as possible. The email will auto generate a ticket but it allows you infinite room to explain.
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