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Ranged Classes

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03.04.2014 , 08:53 PM | #1
Hello all,
I recently made a sorc and I have been loving everything about him, especially the range and the bubble. I never played ranged classes until my sorc. After my sorc I've made a sniper as well. I'm wanting some info on merc/commando's before I make one, because trooper and BH are my two favorite classes. I have a vanguard and had a powertech, but how do merc/commando's compare to them? Do they also compare well to the other ranged classes? Do they have some nice defensive ability like with the sniper's wall or the sorc's bubble?

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03.04.2014 , 09:56 PM | #2
The Commando does decent damage. It's not the top-parsing class, but its damage specs are fairly straightforward and do well at endgame. (That is, they're not hopelessly complicated and gimped like Infiltration Shadow/Deception Assassin.)

The Commando brings less in the way of sheer defensive abilities but has incredible utility. It has the best off-healing in the game currently, with access to a cheap, instant heal (Kolto Bomb) on a 6s cooldown that hits up to 4 targets for decent healing. They also have Hold the Line, which is invaluable against bosses with knockbacks or grapples. Finally, the Commando's signature ability, Tech Override, makes the next cast ability INSTANT.
In PvE, it's easily the most versatile class; while specced for DPS, I've been able to off-heal for overwhelmed healers and more than once I've facetanked a boss while the tank is being rezzed.

Currently, Assault Specialist/Pyrotech does somewhat better damage. However, Gunnery/Arsenal has talents that give it much better uptime on Hold the Line and Reactive Shield, and has the useful feature of debuffing enemy armor.
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