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Top 3 Burst Classes for PvP?

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Top 3 Burst Classes for PvP?

GzGViper's Avatar

03.03.2014 , 05:23 PM | #1
Hi all, I am returning to Swtor after not playing in quite some time. I am wondering what the top 3 burst type classes are currently for PvP.

Any info is greatly appreciated.
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EnalisNailo's Avatar

03.03.2014 , 08:58 PM | #2
Deception Assassins, Concealment Operatives, and Pyro Powertechs.
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teclado's Avatar

03.04.2014 , 07:43 PM | #3
For burst, I like my infiltration shadow, combat sentinel, and TK sage. Although the TK sage is bad for pvp unless people inexplicably ignore you and allow you to free cast. When that happens, I feel like I can burst people down rather well.
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jaytdasme's Avatar

03.05.2014 , 04:14 PM | #4
Umm MM Gunslinger. unlike op/scoundrel or Sage/sorc, your pretty likely to be ignored most of the time. And the few times you aren't you can be more of a pain to target than the ladder. especially to melee.
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Hei_Atzfel's Avatar

03.08.2014 , 09:11 PM | #5
Probably Carnage Marauder, Marksman Sniper, and Deception Assassin.

Kaos_KidSWTOR's Avatar

03.09.2014 , 11:56 AM | #6
For Potential: #1: Vigilance Guardian #2: Sab Slinger #3: Combat Sent

For Actual: #1: Smash Mara #2: Sharpshooter Gunslinger #3: TK Sage

AGSThomas's Avatar

03.11.2014 , 09:59 AM | #7
I play a Deception Assassin and for PvP burst damage, its the best class I've ever played. The basics aren't overly complicated and with mastery it can be one of the most frustrating classes to go against in any scenario.
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