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CrewSkill Master 1.3 Released

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CrewSkill Master 1.3 Released

Akurei_Part_Two's Avatar

03.02.2014 , 11:16 AM | #1
I've put up a new version of CSM with some new stuff I figured people might be interested in.

For anyone that doesn't know what CrewSkill Master is:
A simple .NET form application for keeping track of Crew Skills in Star Wars The Old Republic. Users enter a roster of characters, and can then assign them job times based upon crew skill times from in game. This way you can easily bounce back and forth between characters and optimize your account-wide crafting/farming. When a job timer expires an audible warning will play, and if enabled a popup will appear even if the game is set on fullscreen. Completed jobs will remain on the Active jobs menu until they are manually dismissed or the program is closed. The client also remembers your roster of characters between uses with a simple text file.

1.3 Update Notes
*CSM now requires Admin permission at run time. This enables several new features that are listed below.
*UI has been expanded and cleaned up
*Moving the volume control will now play a test ping at each interval so you have an idea of how loud the alarm will be.

*NEW "Shortcuts" tabbed menu
*"Shortcuts" are just buttons built into the app that allow you to launch TOR related programs.
*Shortcuts include SWTOR/Teamspeak/Ventrilo/Mumble/Parsec
*The first time you click any shortcut it will ask you to find the path to that file/shortcut. That path is then saved to a new settings file. The settings file is in plain text should you ever need to manually change that path.
*Shortcuts have an "autolaunch" feature. If you check the box next to any shortcut. Next time you run CSM any checked program will also launch. (This is why CSM needs admin permission. Now you only have 1 UAC popup when CSM is run, not one for every program you run)
*Calculator was moved into the Utility shortcut tab
*Website shortcut tab has a list of common SWTOR websites. Double clicking any of these website names will load that website in your default web browser.


CSM Homepage
Download Page
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