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Sith Assassin Tanking Help

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Sith Assassin Tanking Help

The_Soulcist's Avatar

02.20.2014 , 09:33 PM | #1

I've had this level 55 account for some time now and only have made a few improvements since I've hit 50. I want to be able to make sure I get the absolute best out of this character as well as me doing the tanking things correctly. I feel like I'm not doing a lot of it right such as the items, skill tree, and the companion.

I don't know if I should be able to not loose a lot of health the way I am in such a short period of time, and I also feel like that 33,000 something thousand HP isn't what I should be having, I'm pretty sure if my memory serves me right, I've seen people with 40-50k HP, that's insane so I have no idea what I'm doing wrong!

This is the main default stats as well as my items (if I need to make a list of the items, please show me that website many people use and also tell me if needed):

Force Stats:
Skill Tree:

Also, I feel like I'm doing the whole companion thing wrong, I've mainly been using my healer companion since I've gotten him (I believe on Hoth?)... he's not that greatest when it comes to healing, I believe his maximum healing is 1,000 to 1,500. Pretty sure they can do a lot better, right?

Overall Stars (and Melee/Defense):

P.S. I'm not sure what makes them heal better....

Any help would be appreciated!

AzlanWhite's Avatar

02.21.2014 , 12:22 AM | #2
I'm on my cell so I can't really view those links but anyway.

1) Mitigation > HP. While seeing high HP feels great, low mitigation can be very devastating to yourself and healers. So focus on raising your mitigation stats like Defense Rating, Shield and Absorb. You can refer to KeyboardNinja's Ideal Tank Stat Distribution guide to help you with knowing what stats to increase.

2) Maintaining your buffs is very important as a sin tank cause our base mitigation is our ultimate weakness. KBN's Stress-Free guide in the sin forums uses a rather simple yet effective rotation on how to do it.

3) Get the 4pc set bonus asap by doing SM55 ops for the unassembled arkanian sets, it helps alot with mitigation.

4) Companion-wise, I tend to run with a dps comp but I would assume the same for healing comp. Just keep him geared up and disable any attacking abilities he has. Since alacrity doesnt work for comps, stack power/surge and perhaps crit too.

Hope it helps. (:

EDIT: I use KBN's guides for stats distribution, gearing up and rotation. Dulfy's guide on his site is great as well for beginners for the gearing up.

Eternalnight's Avatar

02.21.2014 , 01:08 AM | #3
Ok, where to begin...

You certainly don't ever want to have 50k health. That is just stacking endurance at the cost of loosing mitigation stats.
The best possible gear would be around 43k in full 78s

33k would not actually be that bad for a fresh 55, if you were actually using low endurance and high mitigation stat gear.
Even less (unstimmed) would be perfectly viable for any sm ops and even TFB/SV hm if you were using fully optimized low endurance and high mitigation stat gear.

Your defense rating, shield rating and absorption rating seem all to be awfully low.

Seeing from your accuracy you must be wearing several pieces of gear with accuracy rating. This is bad. It does not benefit your survivability at all and the little it benefits threat is not worth the huge loss of survivability.

Due to your incredibly low shield chance, I would assume you're also using some gear with alacrity rating. This is even worse. Alacrity is almost completely useless stat for tanks. Get rid of it all immediately.

You will not want gear with alacrity or accuracy at all. Any such items remove the enhancement and replace it with one with proper tank stats.
You will want shield rating in every piece of gear (except bracers and belt which don't have an enchancement and only defense or absorb in the mod)
Start by trying to get something along the lines of 2/3 of your gear with shield rating and absorption rating and 1/3 of your gear with defense rating and shield rating and then move on towards optimal stat distribution.

You will want to avoid mods and enhancements from gear bought with commendations (especially lower tiers) since these are all high endurance and very low in mitigation stats, and instead get them from gear dropped in operations (or crafted) as soon as possible.

Augment your gear as soon as possible. Mostly absorb augments (but depending what you need to increase to get optimal stat distribution)

And make sure you learn your rotations and manage your buffs right.

Eternalnight's Avatar

02.21.2014 , 04:46 AM | #4
I mean I would assume that with those percentages your stat budget (combined total amount of defense rating, shield rating and absorption rating) would be somewhere around 800.
Not even half of what you should have.
Even with 66/69 gear you should be able to get something closer to 2000
There's your problem.

Kadjunga's Avatar

02.26.2014 , 07:22 AM | #5
Health is by far the worst measurement of how good a tank is. Anyone can equip endurance augments to increase their Epeen so they feel better, but as soon as they go in a raid, their harder to keep alive than even a dps.
If i ever see a tank with 46k+ health in the raid, i cringe and feel sorry for the healers.

From what i saw in the pictures, you are missing almost all the augments that would provide a lot of survivability.

It's fine to tank hm fp's in unaugmented gear, but if you start raiding... it's quite different. So if you can spare the money, pick up some augment kits and blue augments to start off with. Later on, you can upgrade to purples if you find you like the toon and might spend a lot of time on him.

As for the gearing, check out the threads posted by dipstik and keyboardninja to get a good feel for your tank. If you follow what they said, you will do great.

As for talos...

for any companion, you just want to go with power mods everywhere and if you can spare em, power / accuracy enhancements. You can't get high enough crit to make surge work and alacrity does jack **** for them so, the only option is to go for full power.

ZentheSecond's Avatar

02.26.2014 , 02:13 PM | #6
Time to break this down and help ya out! From one Sin-tank to another;

1. One glaringly glaringly big issue to me is in your skill tree, which does not seem to be mentioned by the above posters (granted I skimmed them a bit). You need to respec to this;

The main difference between the spec linked above and yours, mine has no thrashing blades and instead takes Conspirator's Cloak. The 2 point perk is amazing, it gives you 4 stacks of Dark Protection when you exit stealth plus it gives you a chance to use Maul face to face with your opponent. Maul also helps with proccing Energize. Which means you'll be able to start boss fights from stealth, with 4% more Damage reduction.

2. Getting past roughly 44k HP as a Sin-tank is bad. As it means you are forfeiting mitigation stats for extra endurance, so a tank with 50k HP has a big health pool but if its a Sin-tank it can cause problems. Some tank classes can get away with it Powertech comes to mind since in full 78s it has like 52% base Damage Reduction. Assassin's cap out at 40.45% Damage Reduction, which gets bumped to 44.45% with 4 stacks of Dark Protection, Sin-tanks relay a lot on their other mitigation stats to survive fights as their base DR does not cut it. Personally I'd rather have the mitigation stats and lower health, as personally I feel it will make my damage curve slightly more stable. The site that most use is called Ask Mr Robot, and it is not necessary to set one up but lord does it help. Only downside is you need to manually update it yourself, but it is nice to look at it without having to get into the game to see your stats.

3. Companion use? Meh. I used Talos while leveling as Assassin's get 3 different AoE type abilities. Now while doing dailies I use whoever I feel like using. I will use Talos when I'm solo'ing Heroics and such, but if I'm just running around Black Hole smashing things? Ashara or Andron get used just to help me plow through it faster. At some point you get to a state where you don't care about companions at all because you are geared enough to kill everything on your own.

4. As for your gear, based on the alacrity rating in the Force tab... You have alacrity. And you have sub percentage of accuracy, which means you have accuracy rating. When it comes to being a tank, you want only Shield Rating, Absorb Rating, and Defense Rating. You'll get a total of 4% total accuracy from skill tree (3%) and from one of the companions I think melee dps (1%). Once you replace the accuracy and alacrity you will see an improvement of your survivability. After that it comes down to getting your set bonus gear (Arkanian, Underworld, Kell Dragon, Dread Forged gear). The 2 piece setbonus gives 5% more free shield rating when you have Dark Ward on and the 4 piece setbous gives 2% more Damage Reduction. Both extremely useful and important for Sin-tanks. And as you see your overall tier of gear improve, you'll see your overall survivability improve.
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