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Do you guys realize how easy it is to get 1500+ rating?

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Do you guys realize how easy it is to get 1500+ rating?

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02.25.2014 , 07:49 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Kurin View Post
The guy that did this has valor rank 87. He has PVP'd a TON. He's even done 30 ranked matches. He is undoubtedly perfectly min-maxed in PVP gear. This didn't take him just 1 day to accomplish. All of that practice and gearing up also needs to be factored in.

My guild (primarily PVE) did a night of ranked PVP. You lose a substantial number of rank points for every loss. Accordingly, to achieve 1500, you must win substantially more than you lose. Or, play a massive number of matches, if you are anywhere near a .500 PVPer. And you MUST have a winning percentage.
For the record my Vanguard is actually slightly undergeared. Yes I have my set bonus and everything but most of my gear is on the imperial side. My Powertech is min/max 67s.

For example, I have a really crappy relic with no augment that I never bothered to replace since I rarely play pubside. Pretty much everything on my left side also has level 50 augments (+18 Aim, +12 End) except the bracers.