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Solo, crafter, gatherer.

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Solo, crafter, gatherer.

Kiphere's Avatar

12.24.2011 , 12:44 PM | #1

I'm currently DLing the game, I'm coming from a WoW and EQ background so comparisons to those games are welcome to me as it will help me understand.

My game time tends to be limited with occaisional 'free days' where I can play for hours but for the most part I'll be lucky to get a solid hour of game play. Hence I need to solo.

I love craft and economy aspects in MMOs, I've leveled characters specifically so I could do other craftskills or harvest to support other characters craft skills. I'm not particularly 'biased' towards light or dark side here and I'm not even entirely biased towards the classes I listed. I also like PVP.

i tend to enjoy stealth classes in games but honestly not a big deal for me.

I want to be able to solo content as much as possible so I don't have to wait on groups or deal with the inherit downtime that comes with other 'people' being involved. I very much want to be able to spend occaisional gaming sessions just running around gathering materials for my craft skills so if a class excels at that (stealth? travel abilities?) then that will weigh heavily in my decision. The problem is, the game is so new I don't have access to the resources I would in a more established game to be able to generate my own opinions.

I ultimately want self suffeciency to support my style of game play. The gunslinger looks like a fun class with interesting abilities but so do all of em to be totally honest and as I don't know the mechanics of the game that well from the limited info I'm able to gather I'm sort of at a loss. I know some of the previous MMO staple lines have been blured.

So, basically I'm looking for a class that solos well without a lot of crazy downtime, is viable in PVP without a lot of oganization (I wont have access to a 'freinds list' everytime I'm on) and perhaps aids in my goals of crafting and gathering. I will most likely level two characters at first that have symbiotic craft skills so I can provide equipment for each of them (armstech+armor, synth+artifact, etc) and eventually another for cybertech or bio but that will probably come later.

Now, playstyle.. I tend to enjoy range, kiting, crowd control, and having access to healing but usually just as a limit to downtime. My favorite class/specs in WoW were balance druid, marks hunter, and old school rogue when stunlock was still viable. I suppose I tend towards ranged damage with viable crowd control options. I don't mind micro managing skills and I tend to be a pretty compitent player so I don't need an 'easy mode' class, not that such exists in this game yet.

I appreciate any feedback, flames, help, or nasty jeering comments. Again, I'm not biased towards light or dark on this one except maybe that I know a few more people on the dark side than light but I won't get to play with them anyway so it's not a big deal.

Thanks in advance!

Mykatron's Avatar

12.24.2011 , 12:59 PM | #2
I would recommend playing the Bounty hunter. And pick the merc skill tree. You have plenty of CC and Range. You also can heal your self quite well. You would have no problems in PVP and solo questing. As far as crafting goes. Its pretty balanced. Any toon will be a good craftier. Your companion character is the one the does most of the work. If your lazy like me you can just pay money to send you companion on quests to go get you your crafting materials. Or if you have time you can get them yourself.

Vedalir's Avatar

12.24.2011 , 04:53 PM | #3
The Sith Inquistor Sorcerer (mirrored Jedi Consular Sage) is another viable choice.

But don't forget about the Imperial Agent Operative (mirrored Smuggler Scoundrel) which have healing, dps, and stealth.