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Aeterna Imperium's +10 Datacron run.

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Aeterna Imperium's +10 Datacron run.

Vusin's Avatar

02.23.2014 , 04:57 AM | #1
So last night my guild mates and I in Aeterna Imperium decided to do the +10 Datacron. Once we got our people into position for the pulls we opened it up to everyone. Unlike many Imperial guilds on the server we did not charge ANYONE for the pulls up to the datacron. I don't think I have ever been thanked that many times in one night by so many people.

Here is a screenshot of one group crossing the bridge, I think our count was between 50 - 60 people that we helped get the +10 Datacron not including guild mates. Was a lot of fun helping people out, we had a few people fall but we came back strong.
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02.23.2014 , 05:08 AM | #2
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TrueEquality's Avatar

02.23.2014 , 02:24 PM | #3
i've never seen it advertised on boards for imp side, advertise on boards next time imo, im pretty sure none of my imps have gotten it, eek
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Ebsteine's Avatar

02.23.2014 , 03:06 PM | #4
Watching people cross the bridge (occasionally fall... but come back! hilarious) and all the thanks made it super worth while! It was a big guild participation led by someone who hates seeing us all get ripped off! Good job Aeterna! We will be doing it again soon!

Vusin's Avatar

02.23.2014 , 05:06 PM | #5
We advertised in Gen chat on the fleet. Though next time I think we will post here as well as announce it in Gen chat.
"That should push the bounty up on me."
"Once again I am the odd man out."
"I have a rendezvous with death at midnight, in some flaming town...."

Dashya's Avatar

02.23.2014 , 10:14 PM | #6
Hey guys, I first want to thank everyone who joined us for our totally FREE run and made it a HUGE success!

I want to thank my guildmates, without whom I couldn't have put this run together. Thank you to Serevon, Cailar, Meredead, Juurea, Apophis, Tytcht, Zarrah, Maut and Darkbainn for helping me out with this!

Lastly, if you missed our run last night, have no fear! As soon as I have the details in place, we will announce another one! Please continue to watch the forums here and also general chat on the Imperial Fleet!

Once again, Aeterna Imperium thanks you for joining us and we look forward to seeing you again soon!