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Why are vehicle mounting sounds so god-awful?

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Why are vehicle mounting sounds so god-awful?

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02.23.2014 , 04:53 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Cor_Vandar View Post
But... that sound... Toot! Toot!
I love that sound ! But I wasn't able to find out which one produces this "toot toot" sound ? Thank you, now I've got at least a clue.

My favourite sound comes from an vehicle I know as the Rendili "Nightshade" or so ... Because I play SWTOR in German language I'm not sure whether my translation is correct ... The Rendili Shadow (the almost purely vblack one) doesn't create the same sound.

Edit : Yes, my translation is correct : It's the Rendili Nightshade. I just love that "purring" sound !
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10.23.2014 , 02:22 AM | #12
What you should be asking is why these lazy *** devs keep assigning the rakghoul animation to every new bipedal pet that comes along. Dwedtoof, which you can only get as a guaranteed drop from 10 stack dredtooth, runs around like a f***ing rakghoul, totally out of character for him and for any drouk, almost making his acquisition and possession into a big joke and slap in the face. Especially before the level increase to 55 when DT10 was actually a big deal.; and the devs cant even be bothered to give him an appropriate animation that includes, oh idk, MOVES A DROUK ACTUALLY DOES, like jumping to Zorn or smashing the ground or skulking around while electrified.

There are many other pets that share the same rakghoul animation and they just think were all to stupid to notice or too dumb to care. It makes me not even want to bother getting new pets if they cant give two sh**s about make them unique. This is a disgrace!