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-_-' Concerns about Patch 2.7 planned Healing Operative Changes from a PVE player

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-_-' Concerns about Patch 2.7 planned Healing Operative Changes from a PVE player

dprijadime's Avatar

02.22.2014 , 06:23 PM | #1
Dear Bioware

I am a subscriber with a very casual playing style and only do PVE stuff , I dont do PVP. My only level 55 is a healing operative. im very very concerned and disappointed since you change the Orbital Strike because it is my favorite spell.

But now in the patch 2.7 there will be another set of changes that even worse for operative. And im sorry to say that this makes me very sad because the reason for patch 2.7 changes is because 'operative heals need to be toned down in PVP'.

i understance that for PVP you need to BALANCE everything. But i dont understand WHY that balancing have to affect me as a PVE player. I do not believe you put enough time to see the whole implication of the class changes beyond PVP setting.

so PLEASE RECONSIDER your changes to operative in patch 2.7 especially that concerning healer and with regards to Flashbang please make your changes affect only PVP players..

If you are stubborn enough to go thru the changes for whatever reason, please make sure the changes ONLY AFFECT the PVP environment and PVP players.

Im sure my letter will be just a drop of water in an ocean , which you can safely disregard. But i hope you dont sow seed of disappointments because you can only reap disappointment later on.

Very Disappointed Operative player