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Do people actually like deathmatch?

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Do people actually like deathmatch?

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02.17.2014 , 03:08 AM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by MCaliban View Post
The only time I see people hiding at their capital ship is when the opposing team has slaughtered them and set up camp right outside the ship.
On JC I see it a lot on both sides from the start of the match. Normal the aces fly out but 50% or more of the team never leaves the capitol ship. This is not every game but when it happens it is obvious. Just finished one where the other team had 5 kills total all of which made by the capitol ship. 2 of which on me as I tried desperately to find someone to shoot. Was a very rare one sided battle in favor of the imps indeed.

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02.17.2014 , 06:22 AM | #32
i normally hate anything thats team deathmatch, i always prefer objective based pvp and hate arenas but i have to say space pvp deathmatch is quite good.
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02.17.2014 , 07:22 AM | #33
As others have said, I like, maybe even love, deathmatch when it's scout & fighter-heavy. Best match I played was when, except for me and another guy on the imp team, everyone only had the starting ships. Lots of zooming around, blasting away, getting missile locks, panicking and barrel rolling into rocks when someone locks onto me, good times. And all that dogfighting ups your game, makes you a better player (I've found I'm a much more deadly bomber pilot when my mines are backed up by me pew pewing away at people rather then dropping mines and hiding under a satellite).

When it's gunship-heavy, things just grind to a halt as the middle ground becomes a no-fly zone, and that's when you start seeing the dreaded cap ship camp, as one side invariably loses the sniper duel and is forced back. Or worse still, bombers lay a minefield around the gunships and any poor bugger who gets through no mans land is blown up by mines and drones.

I dunno, maybe have a Dogfight gametype, where players are restricted to scouts and fighters? I like flying gunships and bombers, and they have a real role to play in Objective mode, either helping to clear out a node or keeping it. But I do feel they take the fun out of deathmatch.

Kuciwalker's Avatar

02.17.2014 , 08:55 AM | #34
I like deathmatch, but it has problems:
  1. Damage Overcharge too good, especially on a gunship. I've gotten it at the begging of a match and proceeded to get the first six kills of the match (in 8v8). I one-shot bombers and they swap toons just to whisper me asking how the heck I did that.
  2. One-sided matches can be even worse / less fun than in domination. The thing where the imps are pushed back to their cap ship on Kuat while the reps form a blockade atop the mesa... not cool. (FTR I'm a rep). Doubly not cool because TDM is often my "oh fun, time to level my non-gunships" but if the blockade happens you can't really do anything without a gunship because the capship turrets. This isn't a complaint about turrets OP or gunships OP or anything, just an observation that lopsided TDM gets particularly not fun.
  3. Shield Boost - why would you want this. Maybe if it granted immunity to shield piercing for the duration?

Highborne's Avatar

02.17.2014 , 11:26 AM | #35
Quote: Originally Posted by Joonbeams View Post
I'm surprised, given how much people hate arenas, that people seem to like this. I actually like arenas but I loathe deathmatch and dread these pops - which are also long too (unlike Arenas). It seems so utterly pointless. It's so antithetical to what, during pre-release, GSF was about: strategy and objectives. Now it's just mine, mine, kill, drone, mine, kill, mine...Lemme see how many kills I can get. Nothing to defend, nothing to try to cap.

Anyway... I feel better now. Thanks.

I *love* deathmatch. I was getting very tired of watching pubs camp under satellite skirts every time I brought my railguns anywhere near them.....muahahaha.

DarkDajin's Avatar

02.17.2014 , 08:26 PM | #36
Gunships are OP in DM.
Unless the good enemy players chase me constantly, I generally get 15 to 32 (my current record in a deathmatch) kills, around half would be solo.

While I enjoy dominating like that, I feel sorry for those on the recieving end.

Delta_V's Avatar

02.17.2014 , 08:55 PM | #37
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkDajin View Post
Gunships are OP in DM.
Unless the good enemy players chase me constantly, I generally get 15 to 32 (my current record in a deathmatch) kills, around half would be solo.

While I enjoy dominating like that, I feel sorry for those on the recieving end.
At least Deathmatch doesn't *always* devolve into Gunship spam; there is at least a chance of a fun, balanced match. Domination, on the other hand, seems to *always* devolve into bomber spam, with one side or the other grabbing a couple satellites and just saturating them in mines/drones, and the satellites just never change hands.

So yeah, Gunships can be an issue in Deathmatch (especially Ion Railguns ), but I don't think they completely destroy it in the way Bombers have broken Domination.

Verain's Avatar

02.18.2014 , 01:14 AM | #38
I... mostly like death match. But it won't be super good for that much longer.

The best part about it is the powerups, but they only help during the intended "helter skelter" play. The best (and most interesting) is the damage overcharge, with which I can one shot those dumb blimps. In fact, if the enemy team is derp and lets a damage overcharge run house, it can be game altering. It's simple enough to shut one down, especially if a gunship gets it, of course- just go attack that guy.

The shield overcharge should probably have triple the duration, it's quite the booby prize. The weapon one is cool because it refills ammo and helps your dogfight, and the engine one is generally superior.

But the game normally becomes one of two things pretty fast:

A- Team A, who is winning, pushes Team B back mostly to their cap ship. Left with no other outs, Team B sits on their spawn ship, slowly losing. Occasionally one will start from another spawn or loop around to get a kill on a complacent Team A member, but for the most part the game now becomes "farm them at their spawn". Goodbye getting req on your not gunship.

B- Team A, who is winning, is a full premade of 8 or 12. They are playing against a really good team though, and they aren't winning by much. They run back to their spawn ship and sit on gunships and bombers until the game runs out. Very rare? More noise on the forum than in game? Sure. But make this rated pvp, and watch all the top end matches become this.

In situation B, Team A should have this motivation to do this taken away. In situation A, the game should end faster with bonus req for the crushing team (Team A). Both of these could be accomplished by giving an alternate win condition that involves complete map control- similar to the old Alterac Valley strategy of summoning a giant dude, a feat only possible if you had serious map control. This isn't exactly death match... but that's ok. Really one sided games SHOULD end faster. And the deviant strat should be discouraged.

MisterBlackJack's Avatar

02.20.2014 , 03:43 PM | #39
I really enjoy team TDM. simply because I now have more space to fly the map is better to me because there's more LOS instead of sitting at a satelite (which i still enjoy a good cap).

I know I may not get the most kills in TDM as a scout but you can be sure that I am the CP3 of TDM (CP3 = Chris Paul the NBA point guard in case there's people here who don't know what I am talking about) I rack up a ton of assists. Also I love annoying enemies into chasing me into a choke point and my team mows them down. There is strategy into team death match.