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Aratech Nethian Achievement still not fixed?

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Aratech Nethian Achievement still not fixed?


02.17.2014 , 07:33 PM | #21
Hey guys not sure if you got a response from the devs on this or not.

I had the same problem, frustrating as hell as I had the Nethian too, it was in my Collections, available vehicles, I could ride it etc etc. BUT the Aratech Collector Achievement was STILL showing as 0/1 for the Aratech Collector. AND I had all the other Aratech's so this was annoying.

I raised a ticket - wasnt confident of a response that would result in any action (i.e Wait for fix in release 12.9 or something).

SO I went to another toon in my legacy who DIDN'T have the Nethian. Opened up Collections, paid the 60 cartel coins to get it transferred into that toon's inventory, and BAM it registered in the Achievement and now I have the Aratch Collector achievement!

It will cost you 60 cartel coins, (so yeah I'm basically paying to workaround this bug).

Alternative is to buy a Nethian off the GTN and open it up on a toon that doesnt already have one. I'm sure that would work too but Nethian's are 750K+ on the Harbinger so I figured 60CC was cheaper.

Hope that works for ya.