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Brontes HM 8 - Kephesh phase

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02.16.2014 , 03:21 PM | #1
Hi riders, I usually do not write to forum about progress, but this time I really do not understand what is wrong.

We have reached Brontes 8 HM. The first phase is easy, no problem whatsoever .. then the second phase comes with Kephesh and we are not able to pass the phase successfully.

I have watched many videos and I see only 2 Kephesh spawning on videos, second about time when spheres start coming. And that it the time when Brontes is at 50 % only second sphere comes.

However, at our pulls, second kephesh comes also about this time. However, after next tank swap third kephesh always comes. In the moment when Brontes nears to 50 we have 4th sphere coming and soon 4th Kephesh.

Is there some tactics we are missing (Kepheshes stop coming at some % of brontes or something like that) or is it just lack of DPS ? .. so far we killed Bestia, Calphyus, etc. without dps problem and in comparison of first phase of Brontes our dps matches groups in videos...

We went in composition of jugg+powertech tanks, 2 x sorc, merc, sniper DPS, merc + sorc healers .. all in 168/180 mix in minimal, some having set bonuses.

Thanks for any advice, we do not have any any more :-)
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02.16.2014 , 03:24 PM | #2
Kephess will keep spawning until Brontes hits 50% health and the shield/rotating droid lightning phase starts. If you have a Kephess out, don't push the boss past 52% just to be safe. Get Brontes close, down Kephess, deal with stray orbs and then push the boss.

Edit: now that I think about it, if you can't push Brontes past 50% after 3 Kephess spawns, you may have an issue with dpsing the droids before the lightning hits them.
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02.16.2014 , 03:30 PM | #3
Sounds like you have a damage problem. But as the poster above me said, they will keep spawning untill you engage the next phase which goes as soon as brontes reaches 50%. Just direct all your dps to kephess when the boss is at 54-52% and once it's dead nuke the **** out of the boss.

Then get in position for the first droid at 2 o clock of where the boss initially faces towards.
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02.16.2014 , 03:34 PM | #4
I see, thank you for opinions.

As for DPS we have hit the droid phase several times, but the raid was badyly screwed by spheres and kepheshes.. but we managed to kill the first droid in time with reserve (then some forgotten sphere exploded :-D ) .. so i believe the "raw DPS" should be ok ..

One way or another it seems to be a coordination problem or dps loss due to running. Well, we will keep trying.
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02.16.2014 , 04:13 PM | #5
If you're playing with any shadows, they can taunt the orb and run into them with resilience to pop it without being harmed.

Sentinels can GBTF it and Gunslingers can roll into them if they get the distance right.
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02.16.2014 , 06:08 PM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by Evolixe View Post
If you're playing with any shadows, they can taunt the orb and run into them with resilience to pop it without being harmed.

Sentinels can GBTF it and Gunslingers can roll into them if they get the distance right.
And Juggs cant taunt and reflect the orb too

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02.16.2014 , 07:27 PM | #7
In 8-man HM, you will usually get three Kephess, although this depends largely on how good your DPS are and whether your melees switch to Kephess or stay on the boss.
Like the other posters already said, the Kephess are not percentage based but are constantly spawned by the boss on a 30 second cooldown.

It sounds like all your DPS are staying on the boss and not focussing on the Kephess clones. With your gear, I can hardly believe you can get the boss to 50% when the second Kephess spawns; the boss should be around 75% then. Are you sure you are in 8-man HM?

From your description, it seems like your DPS are a little too afraid of the lightning orbs and they want to burn the boss ASAP to get as little orbs as possible. I suggest that every DPS learns how to pick up the orbs better (move away from the group as soon as you get the white orb connection, tell via voice-over you have an orb so that healers can top that player off, stop DPSing the boss/Kephess, but target the orb and walk into it at ~18 stacks). The DPS need to be able to pick up orbs continuously, even the same DPS getting two orbs in a row.
Four orbs are way too little; if you're having trouble with only four orbs, I think the damage dealers are the reason you are failing. When your DPS learn how to handle the orbs, it doesn't matter whether you get four or ten orbs; you won't event notice them anymore.

As always, it would help seeing a video of your group to determine exactly what you're doing wrong. Since you are asking specifically on how to handle the Kephess phase, here is how my group is doing it:
In our group, one tank always takes the Kephess clones. He will also be the first tank that takes Brontes.
The second tank only takes Brontes when the first tank is on the Kephess.
We always have three DPS on Kephess and on DPS (in our case the melee) stay on Brontes.

This is the exact order in how we handle the phase:
  1. As soon as boss appears, first tank taunts the boss
  2. Once the Arcing Assault channel is done and the first tank has four stacks, the second tank taunts
  3. A few seconds later, the first Kephess will spawn. First tank jumps to Kephess and points him to the side
  4. Once the tank got one or two hits on Kephess, he tells DPS to switch to Kephess. We have three rDPS on Kephess and on mDPS staying on the boss
  5. As soon as Kephess is down, first tank leaps back to Brontes and taunts so that the second tank can lose his stacks. Second tank stands behind Kephess then.
  6. Once the boss finishes channeling the Arcing Assault, we once again do a tank swap. Second tank stays on the boss, first tank leaps to Kephess
  7. Ranged DPS once again switch to Kephess. Once Kephess is down, Brontes should be around 65% HP and the energy spheres start appearing. First tank once again takes Brontes so that second tank can lose stacks.
  8. As soon as Arcing Assault finishes, second tank takes the boss and first tank leaps to the third Kephess.
  9. This time, all DPS, including the melee, switch to Kephess. We do a damage stop on the boss (he is usually around 52% HP) to make sure Kephess is dead before the droid phase starts.
  10. As soon as Kephess is down, we push the boss to 50% and the next phase starts.
  11. If another energy sphere appears right before Brontes gets to 50%, you can have your tanks get that orb (like written above - Guardian does taunt, saber reflect and leap) so that all four DPS can focus on the droids.

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02.16.2014 , 11:46 PM | #8
Quote: Originally Posted by Kmscmt View Post
And Juggs cant taunt and reflect the orb too
Good to know. Hadn't gone there myself yet.
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02.22.2014 , 02:56 AM | #9
I thank you all for tips, especially the saber reflect trick. Now we are passing tentacles - kephesh - rbotos phase with 90 % success after some training. Yet, we are dying in 6 finger phase, but we studied and we made a mistake of getting too far from the fingers making it cast focused beam. So next time Brontes goes down :-)

One question maybe about fingers: I read somewhere that a finger must be killed after 20 s after being attacked first or starts focused beam as well. But it doesnt seem to work that way. What do you think ?
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02.24.2014 , 01:48 PM | #10
depending on raid composition you should focus 2 or three fingers at the time.
When you damage a finger its starts to countdown to twenty before stacking debuff on its target.
We always assign range DPS to help melee to nuke it then clear middle ones that healers stand at and then kill ranged ones.

When we were progressing this fight, we had issue with tanks not killing orbs with hand's slams and people not getting out of purple puddles.
Once your tanks do their job and people move out of purple then healing is not as difficult and you will be fine.

good luck
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