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Error 9000/lag

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02.10.2014 , 06:07 PM | #1
Hi guy's i been playing swtor for about a week now first i spent $4.99 to become preffered, then got the game for $8 came with 30 day sub like the game so far BUT i get alot of lag/9000 d/c's Im on Prophecy of the five ive tested my internet connection(wired, 32Mb/s 6Mb/s up) played other game's streamed videos after being d/c'ed from swtor everything else run's fine. Any fix's to this? I know it's not on my end.

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02.15.2014 , 04:28 PM | #2
no fix's to this?

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02.15.2014 , 04:31 PM | #3
Its very likely your connection, as NONE of the tests you say you did would show anything to do with the routing to swtor.

See the latency thread in my sig and follow the instructions.
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