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Rate the best class stories

vadess's Avatar

02.09.2014 , 02:05 PM | #141
For me, from what I've played so far:
  1. Agent
  2. Warrior
  3. Inquistor

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02.09.2014 , 03:02 PM | #142
Quote: Originally Posted by polipoli View Post
I've played all the classes except chapters 2 and 3 of the jedi classes (consular & knight), so, I'll try to rate it the best:
8th: the consular, i've played chapter one and didn't like it, maybe that'll change. 6/10.
It does get way better, if you like the role that Consular is supposed to represent, which is one of diplomat and mediator.
Chapter 1 of Consular is probably only good if you are a KOTOR connoisseur, as it references a lot of it. However, from all Chapter 1s, it is probably one of the better IMO, as lot of them are "fetch" quests...
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02.09.2014 , 03:25 PM | #143
I played all the stories, and IMHO the best are:
- Agent (by far the best one);
- Knight (for the "jedi hero" epicness, plus explains a lot of what is happening in the game);
- Warrior (you really get that "sith feeling" doing it);

I highly recommend these 3, but of course it's a matter of taste.

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02.09.2014 , 05:25 PM | #144
I really liked the Warrior story, it was exciting acting like an enforcer
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arunav's Avatar

02.09.2014 , 06:42 PM | #145
1. Knight/Agent
2. Consular/Bounty Hunter
3. The rest are all about the same, with Smuggler maybe being the worst story but the best dialogue in the game.

For some reason, I found the Warrior story to be really predictable and boring.

The Inquisitor had some pretty funny dialogue choices and the story was more engaging. Maybe I'd put that in the second catagory as well.

Tirior's Avatar

05.04.2014 , 12:09 PM | #146
A lot of people say the IA is the best story. Which AC do you guys think would benefit me most during my time with the IA? What ACs have you guys used?

djdavidoh's Avatar

05.05.2014 , 05:30 AM | #147
Quote: Originally Posted by Tirior View Post
A lot of people say the IA is the best story. Which AC do you guys think would benefit me most during my time with the IA? What ACs have you guys used?
Your AC doesnt influence the story, so my bet would be to go with what you feel like playing. I personally chose sniper since I didnt have a ranged dps yet, and had a Powertech which is a melee/close range dps. I had a sorc for healing so yeah to pick operative and go like that way again made no sense to me.

Sniper is a lot of fun, you can kill alot of stuff before it even touches you, and with a good tanking companion you can take down whole groups easily.

Only advantage operative has imo is that it can skip alot of thrash mobs with stealth, if you either dont feel like it or are in a hurry. And the healing is always good to have beside.

But yea overall what do you want to play? Close/melee range dps with stealth, and heals on the side. Or this long range dps, that can pretty much tear through everything from range.

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05.05.2014 , 05:56 AM | #148
1 - Imp Agent
2 - Sith warrior
3 - JK
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05.05.2014 , 05:59 AM | #149
I enjoyed all the class stories till the end of Chapter 1. Most of them suck after that. My favourite is Jedi Knight`s and Sith Inquisitor`s.
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05.05.2014 , 06:14 AM | #150
Ok. Played them all. Enjoyed them all in varying degrees, but... if I had to rate them I would say:

1. Agent: Excellent through out. Kept me guessing.
2. Knight: Typical SW story. KOTOR III
3. Inquisitor: Really looked forward to the final confrontation.
4. Warrior: Master and apprentice story at its best from a Sith perspective.
5. Trooper: Grunts can take it.
6. Smuggler: A girl at every port and funny as hell.
7. Consular: Cool moments but a slow start and flat ending.
8. Bounty Hunter: Funny one liners but largely forgettable except for Mako.