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GSF Deathmatch Suggestion: Removed Damage Boost Powerups

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GSF Deathmatch Suggestion: Removed Damage Boost Powerups

Verain's Avatar

02.08.2014 , 03:54 PM | #11
I'm a big believer in the powerups. The thing is that Death Match needs a bribe to get you to go places. The double damage buff- which is rare and means "scouts will swarm this guy"- is the big prize.

Here would be my suggestions:

1- Blaster Overcharge is generally far too weak. It should probably have double or even triple the duration.
2- Shield Overcharge could probably last a bit longer too. Unlike blaster overcharge, shield overcharge is actually good in a fight- but you often had to scour the map to find a powerup, so now you are at 1/4 engine power, with a really good shield with 45 seconds on it, and it will take you at least 20 to get back in the action.
3- Engine Boostwhatever is pretty much perfect.
4- There should be upgrades that last until you die, but for lesser components. For instance, a really big sensor or communications upgrade that lasts as long as your ship does. Other things could be small accuracy boosts, small range boosts, or even small percent missile lock on reductions. A powerup that grants some repair plus some extra hull would also be sweet.

By biggest concern with death match is one that the powerups help with- Team A decides to live at their cap ship. They could make this decision consciously in a full premade- they all get gunships, get a small lead, and then wait the timer out. The much more common one is when Team B is farming them and they can't go anywhere else though.

In both of these cases, an additional mechanic or feature should come in to play that should give Team B extra points. In the first case, it would serve to make this degenerate strategy a losing one, such that we would never see it (instead of rarely- it does happen). In the second case, it would end a route a bit faster, preferably with a req bonus to Team B to make up for all the ships unmurdered. I don't know what that mechanic or feature would play like, though.

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02.08.2014 , 05:27 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Danylia View Post
Missile restock powerup. Yes please.
It's called a weapon recharge power up... Yes they restock ammo
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02.08.2014 , 05:34 PM | #13
Killed a bomber with a 3k crit on my burst lasers, yesterday and one-shotted several scouts.
Just another example, that the devs have zero sense for balancing.

Verain's Avatar

02.08.2014 , 07:48 PM | #14
Quote: Originally Posted by Sindariel View Post
Killed a bomber with a 3k crit on my burst lasers, yesterday and one-shotted several scouts.
Just another example, that the devs have zero sense for balancing.
If they let you rampage like that, then that's on the other team, not the devs. You understand it's a rare powerup, it is visible on the game map, in ops chat, and on target, and the effect in unambiguous and temporary, right?

Pilgrim_Grey's Avatar

02.08.2014 , 11:25 PM | #15
Quote: Originally Posted by Verain View Post
I am fine with the double damage. I don't care that your gunship killed four people- when you get that, it is an opswide announcement to the other team, and the powerup is rare. If they want to sit around and get owned, good for them.
I'd be fine if they lowered how much it increased damage (even 10% is a good boost, you notice it when you have damage capacitors fully boosted), but doubling damage is insane. It doesn't matter if there is an ops wide announcement, you're not necessarily going to know where they are exactly and there are plenty of other things to worry about now as it is. Look out for the gunships on the perimeter, keep that bomber busy, etc. And moving away from where your teammates are because some guy has some uber damage boost isn't really going to fly, either. It's better to be on the lookout for him or her and not avoiding them.

Maybe that argument would fly a little more if they had a big obvious dot on the map and visible on the screen, but that'd be silly. Rather than making it so overpowered, just tone it down to be more in line with the other boosts: nice but not over the top game changing.