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Magnusheart's redone compedium of misc ideas.

STAR WARS: The Old Republic > English > General Discussion > Cartel Market Suggestions
Magnusheart's redone compedium of misc ideas.
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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01.27.2014 , 01:36 PM | #21
Definitely want Lucian's robes. Sexy time!

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01.28.2014 , 05:17 PM | #22

Added more to the GSF Suggestions, removed the quote text from an older thread, and added another one on the main list.

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01.31.2014 , 09:17 PM | #23
Bump Updated.

113. Zale Barrow's set.
114. Hit the Huttball. Character pulls out a bat like object and uses it to bash the Huttball.
115. Goaldancer. While the buff is applied Scoring the Huttball makes you spike it to the ground, and do a random dance that you have unlocked on that character.
116. Emote /Sleepfloor Your character lays on the ground sleeping.
117. Emote Sleepbed A small bed pops up and we lay down in it.
118. Desert Eagle themed Pistol with Laser Sight.
119. More guns with the Rangerhunter gun noises.
120. Emote: Deathsticks character pulls out a Deathstick to smoke casually.
121. Emote: Darkside (Think the possessed) Youre character twitches and looks sinister. With a red glow
122. Emote: Lightside, You're charater glows gently gold, Character looks focused but calm.
123. Bandana face mask. (LET IT WORK WITH HOODS.)
124. Cerulean Lightsaber Crystal. (Rakata Mind Prison warps colors, this is a red cryst)
125. Darth Vindican's Robes.
126. Version of the Dread Guard Helmet that works with hoods.
127. HK/Or Ship Droid customization of the Shrouds assassin protocol droid.
128. Dread Corrupted Robes.
129. Dread Master Bronte's Back Tentacles as a heal item you play with them and they go away.
130. Fold Space heal item. Character preforms Fold space, the force teleport ability, and there is just a force glow scar in the space, and teleports back when its done.

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02.04.2014 , 07:09 PM | #24
Bump updated again

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02.06.2014 , 11:35 PM | #25
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02.11.2014 , 02:40 AM | #26
Quote: Originally Posted by Warlockanap View Post

De-bump, and updated. =)

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02.15.2014 , 11:52 AM | #27

Bioware, look at this already!
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02.17.2014 , 12:27 AM | #28
Quote: Originally Posted by desolaytore View Post
i. Want. That. Nao!
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02.18.2014 , 01:46 AM | #29
Updated again. a wopping 20 new additions and a large update to suggestion # 1

1. Light/Dark Side(red and gold glow) themed Body aura. (Does not break on combat. Does not have a duration, turns off on death, click on, click off. )
Edit: number 1 with SS ideas of what I mean.
Mystic Darkside Glow use. (purple)
Mystic Lightside Glow use. (gold)
Empowered Darkside use. (red)
Empowered Lightside use. (blue)

and the continuqed list.

131. Covert Helmet. Invis helmet, hides all hoods etc.
132. Emote: RayPrison. You are trapped inside a ray shield stasis prison(like the one on the B.H. Ship)
133. Dark Purple Crystal.
134. Gold tinted crystal. mix between yellow, orange, and copper.
135. Version of the Imp Agent moff cap that lets you keep a buzzcut hair style. in the back so you're not bald.
136. Inquisitor Heal animation walk pathing as a looping emote.
137. Fully body scar and tattoo variants to all races.
138. Collapsible Cathar Single sword.
139. Katana themed Vibrosword
140. Katana shaped Lightsaber.
141. HK Bodypart cyborg armor series.
142. Unused Bowcaster
143. Darth Morrhage's sith armor.
144. Nadia Grell's starting robes. (its Jedi Knight Columi gear without fancy shoulderpads attachments and hood down)
145. Sawbones from Hammer Station's Gear. (unique helmet attachments)
146. Prodoranya BH armor. (100% UNIQUE GEAR)
147. Makeb Heavy Spacetrooper armor.
148. Manju BH Gear. (100% unique, bad ss)
149. Kyrenic's BH gear from Mando Raiders.
150. This Green Jedi Robe tunic set.

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02.18.2014 , 01:58 AM | #30
Maybe add HK with the Havoc Squad logo on his chest, and some orange highlights, like one of M1-4X's custimization. Perfect for Troopers!
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