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Group Members getting unequal experience

Griffyn's Avatar

12.24.2011 , 11:24 AM | #1
Last night I went through with a group of friends and completed both parts of 'The Prisoner' flashpoint for the first time. The level spread from lowest to highest was only 2, so we were not out of balance. I happened to be the highest level.

When doing a Flashpoint/Heroic we are doing this as a group because you can't do it alone and everyone's contribution is needed. So, I was surprised to find at the end of Tarel V, after 2 hours of play, that I 'only' received 4880 xp. Not only that, but my other group members all got more than I did.

I'm not going to get into the amount of XP I got, I'll leave that for another topic, but we did do this as a group. This is about completing something as a group and everyone's contribution affecting the others equally. The other players benefited from my contribution as I contributed from theirs, so why am I getting less XP. The next level down received over 5700 xp, so I'm getting almost 20% less xp for doing the exact same quest. XP for all members of a group should be equal, including receiving the end of quest reward.

This becomes a scenario for abuse where you can power level a lower character because they can get more XP.

CookieAnElmo's Avatar

12.24.2011 , 11:32 AM | #2
Your assumption on this enhancing boosting is incorrect. Sharing experience across all players regardless of level would be worse, and contribute to boosting even more. While you are grouped with them, everyone takes an EXP hit per NPC kill vs if everyone was the same level. There is also a group EXP bonus, depending on how many party members.

Why should you receive the same EXP as someone lower level than yourself when you turn in that quest? You are a higher level, already ahead of the curve, and less likely to die (and incur equipment repair costs) than the lower levels in your group. You also have extra talent points to boost your stats, hence making the quest easier for yourself than another lower level player.

I'm assuming you're "newer" to MMO/RPGS's, as this is the same design they have in any "quest-based" MMO game out there., just an FYI.

You may be able to power level them through quests, but the amount of EXP they lose per kill on each mob having a higher level in the group, renders the process even slower than doing the quests on your own, due to how spaced out quest chains are. Typically your going to kill 50+ mobs reaping 200-300 exp each on your way to another chain; with a 50 running you to the next zone you'll only be getting 10-15 exp per kill.