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Bad healer needs help

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01.30.2014 , 03:16 AM | #1
Hi. I've been leveling two healing classes, Sage and Operative, both are at 30 now. However, I'm having hard time in Flashpoints even if my gear is up to date.
With multiple enemies tank always leaps to elite, and DPS follow to take it down, like it has to be. But then, rest of mobs attack to me. I can only heal myself a while, not long until I die. If I heal tank like I should I die only faster. I got votekicked from one group for reason she always dies first.

Is there defesive cooldowns that I should be using (I already use Force Wave and Force Speed) or is my key of surviving killing enemies faster? Ty for advice

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01.30.2014 , 03:33 AM | #2
if yo are getting hit by mobs then its tank/dps fault.

I tank as vanguard from time to time, and knowing how to pull a pack of mobs is one of the keys to good tanking.
Tank should focus on hard mobs but he also should try to catch as many weak enemies as well. I should be norm for tank to leap to weak mobs, use AoE skill to get agro on them then switch to strong mob and attack him.

DPS should focus weak adds first, then go for strong enemies.

If i were you, i would not heal to start with or pre hot non boss fights. let tank go as low as 50%, if you have up to date gear, you will easily get him back from 50% to 100% quickly. This way you will not agro any mobs at the start of the fight. Remeber that your hots even when over healing generating threat so its best not to pre hot DPS or Tank or 4 ticks of your HOT will generate more threat then any other DPS will do in the first two seconds. This will lead to you getting hit and then you need to focus heal yourself. When you heal on your Sage, just bubble all 4 players and you should be fine to start with, then wait with any other heal until tank gets to 50%.
You can also advise DPS to deal with weak adds first, then go for strong ones as it should be.
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01.30.2014 , 03:35 AM | #3
If mobs are attacking you I would politly ask the tank to try to do his job, which is tanking. an Aoe taunt might do the trick. If he dont taunt the mobs then I wouldnt heal him, problem solved and you dont die first =)

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01.30.2014 , 03:44 AM | #4
Ehm, well.... if you get adds on you than the tanks and DPS are screwing up.
Number uno priority of any tank should be to have the tanks on him. If the tank can't do this for whatever reason the DPS should have stepped up and keep them away from you. Now thats out of the way lets see what you can do against it.

Whenever I get adds on me I try multiple things:
- Hard cc'ing on my sage and praying the dps wont break it (the 60 seconds stun)
- Stunning with force stun
- As a sage keep force armor on you and the tank up

- Stunning with flashbang, dirty kick (debilitate I think its called for operatives?)
- when you get very very low use your combat stealth (fyi if the tanks and dps dont focus on the adds they will be on you again as soon as you heal. It should give you temporarely breathing room
- Keep your slowrelease medpack up on the tank and you
- Not sure if you have allready the free emergency medpack usage below 30%. If so make sure to have at least 1 stack of upperhand to be able to spam heal when needed
- use your dodge and personal shield
- go sit in cover (it gives you a defense boost)

General tips
- Dont forget the triage system. Keep yourself up is nr 1 prio. Followed by the tank. Just let the DPS die if really really needed. (don't forget to appologize to the DPS ;-))
- If you have adds on you run to the tank so he can use his AoE attacks to regain aggro
- Lose line of sight on the adds
- Wait with healing or Hotting up the tank till he is at about 50% HP (bad tanks WILL lose aggro if you HoT up to much or start burst healing soon)
- This may sound strange but go DPS on the adds. the least adds are up the least adds can do damage on your group. Best time to do this is at the start of a fight since your group will be full on HP.

If all failes go complain in groupchat that you get aggro on adds. Ask for a guard from the tank.

As last resort go out with a bang and leave the group.
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01.30.2014 , 03:47 AM | #5
As above posters said, it's not you who is bad, it's the tank and especially DPS. I haven't tanked in leveling group content (only endgame), so I'm uncertain of what abilities are available for a level 30 (guardian?) tank, but chances are there's at least one AoE ability, and hopefully one with high threat generation. The tank should use whatever tools he has to grab aggro from at least the adds in the immediate vicinity of the strongest mob of the pack. A skilled tank can also grab some mobs further away, but there are packs where it's extremely difficult to get all of the mobs. The DPS should usually start with the weakest mobs, unless there are special considerations such as some mobs healing others.

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01.30.2014 , 04:29 AM | #6
ah yes- level 30ish pug fp's as a healer
do not fret op all is not lost

first- at this level range the fp's definitely step up in difficulty; i think of it as a derp check
2nd- if you are getting hit by mobs it is the tanks and the dps fault

based on your description the tank is tunnel visioning the toughest mob- there may not appear to be any problem with this but a tank who is unable to see his op/party frames and notice his healer's health quickly deteriorating is a poor tank-- when i tank i will simultaneously get the attention of the toughest as well as any other bad guy nearby- with even a couple lightsaber basic attacks i can get aggro while the dps (ideally) wipes up the mess

dps, on the other hand, need to burn down mobs from weakest to strongest and when the healer begins to take damage the dps need to peel the threat off of the healer-- this is their only job-- if everyone does his job what happens? well, the tank will "tank," the dps get to burn down everything, and the healer gets to "heal"

what you have described, op, is very common and every swtor player who has tried to tank and heal has these kinds of stories

best adivce-- if this happens once briefly explain what is happening-- ie- tanks and dps not doing job
if it happens a second time- quit group-- another que is seconds away

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01.30.2014 , 08:40 AM | #7
In the next levels your healers will gain one of their most important healing power (Healing Transe and Surgical Probe) Well used, and some more skillpoint in their you shouldn't have anymore issue to heal content, provided the others do their job.

At level 30, tanks should gain their AOE taunt. But before that they shouldn't have major issue to aggro a crowd. I recently leveled up an Assassin tank and make my way through the flashpoints by Overload (push) the packs, then Lacerate (in place AOE) when they're close. Controling DPS was more an issue (many don't attack the right targets, pull before the tanks, etc.) I also had many issues with "healers" who spent more time to poorly dps things than actually healing. A tank you met may have experienced such people and get a bad opinions on flashpoint healers.

Powertech/Vanguard also have plenty of AOE early in more of their ranged attacks. I don't know about the young guardians, but I doubt they are unable to engage with an AOE.

By the way, if you're aggroed by some mobs, beside your cooldowns and CC, you may
- run close to the tank, the mobs following you and expect he'll aoe them all.
- run back and forth forward the tank with the pack following you. Not the most efficient, but expected to work on tunnel vision tanks.
- If aggroed by ranged mobs, hide behind a pillar or a crate to give you some time and force them to move.
- type "aggro" in the chat.

Remind the DPS they have to kill from weakest to strongest mobs. Some of them don't care, but some actually understand.

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01.30.2014 , 09:28 AM | #8
Quote: Originally Posted by Adaliaya View Post
With multiple enemies tank always leaps to elite, and DPS follow to take it down, like it has to be. But then, rest of mobs attack to me. I can only heal myself a while, not long until I die. If I heal tank like I should I die only faster. I got votekicked from one group for reason she always dies first.
Here is the root of the problem. The idiots you are running with think this is the way it has to be.

Tank needs to get the elite and where possible get the weaker adds.

DPS needs to get the weaker adds down then go focus on the elites.

Also especially at lower levels CC is important.

Now that doesn't mean it is not you at all. It is entirely possible there are things you can do to improve the situation. But don't assume it is entirely your fault.

Some suggestions for Operative:
1. Make sure you have 2 stacks of your your hot Kolto Probe on the tank.
2. Keep two stacks on whoever else is pulling aggro if that's you then use it on you.
3. Good strategy before pull is to put two stacks on tank, two stacks on you then stealth to drop aggro. You will pick it up again right away if the DPS don't get on the smaller mobs but at least you won't start off with it.
4. If the group lets you don't be afraid to stealth, CC add with your sleep dart before the fight.
5. If adds are droids CC one of them. If someone breaks the CC they will likely pick up the agro.

Some suggestiosn on Sage:
1. Bubble is your friend.
2. Bubble is your friend.
3. Bubble is your friend. (get the picture)
4. Bubble the tank. Bubble on you.
5. As above if you can CC one of the adds before or even during the fight.

General suggestion:
1. Find a good guild. Run with Guildies instead of just PUGs. They will be able to help you learn what you are doing wrong (if anything).

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01.30.2014 , 09:44 AM | #9
Activating focus target in preferences (assuming you haven't already) can be a major help, making it easier to switch between healing yourself, healing the tank, and stunning adds when you're getting mobbed because people aren't paying enough attention to keeping things off of you.

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01.30.2014 , 09:56 AM | #10
Thanks for advice! Things I've been doing wrong are propably about that spamming HoTs before fights, I won't do that anymore. As a Sage I can prepare peepz with Force Armor, and Operative... Stealth ? resets ? threat generation, I may be wrong about this. And that running to tank, well most of tanks don't mind but once I got angry Caps Lock response about passing my problems to him he tried to kick me, but that time DPS prevented it. But I'll propably do better now when I know not put pre-heals