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My personal wishlist. Armours, Lightsabers etc

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My personal wishlist. Armours, Lightsabers etc

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01.30.2014 , 06:35 AM | #1
First off, Lighttsabers. Could we have some single and dualwield sabers that fit the female model? The ones we have now look like they wree made for male body type 3. They are simply too big. I don't mean tiny ones that are fit for a child, but a bit shorter and thinner single hilts and shorter double hilts. They just look weird.

The one dual hilt that looks OK has that weird sound that sounds like your're extending a mechanical shaft, NOT the snap hiss of a lightsaber. I can't psssibly imagine anyone thinking it sounds cool.

Armours. Could we have some chest plates with hoods but without the robes? The exalted Agent chest I bought off the legacy vendor on Kaas looks bad *** but it's agents only and we have nothing even remotely like that in any of the packs. A heavier version would be nice as well. A full chest plate with a hood but no robes, capes, assflaps, nothing, just a simple armour with a hood.

Next up, Togruta. Give nau plix.

Masks. More specifically, half-masks that cover only the mouth. I know these techno-cowboy hats and other weird ornamets (calling them helmets is an insult to the helmet industry, true story) might appeal to a circus troupe but really, get real.

On a separate note, could we pleaes cut down on the ornaments? Many outfits would be 10x better if you just cut down on the bling. Sorry, but looking like a christmas tree isn't my idea of "cool". Oh, and all those Organa dignitary outfits etc? Yeah, maybe put them on the CM as directly buyable outfits? Only RPers use them and they clutter the GTN with muppets *actually* thinking someone will pay a single credit for a lvl1 chestpiece with speed stripes and hood ornaments on it.

Thanks for reading, if you actually bothered to read all that.

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02.01.2014 , 03:16 AM | #2
Not my intention to bumb my own thread but... who do I need to insult here to get a reply or two to see if my ideas are good or not?