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Guild Wars 2

archifikoss's Avatar

01.26.2014 , 03:57 PM | #11
It's not a bad game, gets quite grindy though. I played it quite a bit as I enjoyed wandering around the world doing stuff. I must say though that after the opening zones, the areas get progressively less interesting. And Orr - the max level zone - is just ugh. I got really sick of all the damn zombies in the game.

It had some good ideas at least for people who want to play casually, quite a few conveniences, no subscription and pretty fast-paced and fun combat (I liked the lack of the holy trinity but unfortunately it sort of felt like the other extreme - too chaotic, not enough planning and tactic).

The main reason I quit it was that I didn't find the setting, story or characters appealing in the slightest (apart from a couple of fun characters). It's the kind of game I'd hop into when I want a quick fix of action-RPG fun, but not one I ever felt genuinely immersed in.