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Still can't decide...

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Still can't decide...

ViskarNogame's Avatar

12.24.2011 , 10:31 AM | #1
Okay, so I caught my Powertech up to my Juggernaut and I still can't decide. I know the differences now legit, but what do y'all think their is going to be too many of at 50? I imagine PTs... Also, how does each fence in pvP higher up? I notice PT gets a Grip spell -and- a leap spell, and tons of burst... So I have the feeling they fence better....

And dungeons at 50 - I run with a set 3 others. An Assassin, and two of Sages (Sorcerer?) One heals, one DPS.... I was thinking Juggernaut because if we fight something very resistant to magic - Assassin will be lowered damage and I will do most of it. But then I thought 'Well, BH packs a much larger punch." but the BH also does A LOT of magic damage so I thought that was kinda counter-productive.