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Why this event sucks...

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01.22.2014 , 06:45 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by FlyinSpaghetti View Post
The reputation grind isn't the issue, the issue is the fact that all the good items require needing on tokens from a boss drop, which without them getting to legend is a pointless exercise.

When will bioware ever learn that in a social game fighting over loot on a time limited event is not the answer?
I was pretty happy when I saw the rewards that were being offered. That went away quickly once I learned that they yet again relied on a random drop from a boss that you can only do twice (at least they can be traded, but still). 6 ops runs, hm and sm, and no barnacle. I'm not even really worried that I get it this time around, since you can't hit legend for 5 weeks anyway, but there were so many other options they could have gone with, trading in DNA samples (not cannisters), drops from the wandering champs, making it a guaranteed drop from the ops boss. I just want to be able to earn my reward and not have to rely on luck.

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01.22.2014 , 07:22 PM | #22
The event is fine. It is quite fun if you do everything, Shellshock, Eyeless, etc. etc. It isn't a grind for me thus far and I've done quite a bit on several toons. My only complaint is that I would have liked to see missions build on missions like the first one. But then... there was QQ about that last time. And I liked the scavenger hunt on Tat last time, but then... there was a ton of QQ about that as well.

Net, net, with all due respect OP, "this event sucks" threads are pretty common no matter what the event is or what is introduced. So... same old, same old, here on the forums.