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Everything you think about Nintendo is wrong (Article Inside)

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Everything you think about Nintendo is wrong (Article Inside)

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01.22.2014 , 12:46 PM | #1
I found this great article about Nintendo and it sums about exactly how I feel about them in today's current market:

Simply "going mobile" is not the solution for Nintendo because mobility isn't the problem. Nintendo produces games people want to play. They do not create mobile platform centric mini games that sell to a freemium market. Nintendo's solution needs to be bolder and more open to developers.

"If I was working my *** off making mobile games, I’d take the “Nintendo should put Mario on iOS and make tons of money” idea as an insult. Not only does it slight the hard work being put into great mobile games, it’s an outdated strategy. Clunky ports of old games might have had early success, but you have to scroll deeply into the Top Grossing Apps list these days to find an old game. The only ones I saw were various versions of Grand Theft Auto, but they aren’t quick and cheap ports — they have high-definition graphic updates and customized touch controls."

“Nintendo should go mobile” is a profoundly unimaginative statement. Videogames, man-machine interfaces, are evolving rapidly in countless ways. With all of the many, varied things Nintendo could attempt in order to change how we play games, why would we want to railroad it into slavishly following the current trend?
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01.22.2014 , 04:56 PM | #2
All I want from Nintendo is a game system, with a wired controller and the games. That's it. No weird motion control things, no odd tablet kinda things with 2 screens, no add ons with being able to watch TV or call people or w/e.

A game system with a wired controller that games can be played on.....that's it. Because that's what GAMING consoles are suppose to do.
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