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Crew skills for my next alt

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Crew skills for my next alt

DataBeaver's Avatar

01.19.2014 , 02:51 PM | #1
I'm in a situation where I already have at least one instance of every crew skill and need to choose skills for my next alt. I'm currently leaning towards the following:
- slicing: more chances at mission discoveries is always nice, and it provides free credits while adventuring
- scavenging: primary gathering skill for three different crafting skills; used for the cheapest mk-9 aug slot components
- bioanalysis: getting the grade 9 materials for stims is really annoying so another character to run missions on would help

Some reasons why I didn't choose other skills:
- crafting skills: I already have one of each, and there's no sense in farming the schematics twice
- underworld trading: considered it because it has the most valuable mats and gives armor schematics, but I already have two
- other mission skills: not useful enough to take a second instance of them
- archeology: least useful gathering skill for endgame, and my two existing archeologists can supply enough mats

Does this make sense? Any counterarguments?

psandak's Avatar

01.19.2014 , 03:03 PM | #2
None. I am in the same boat - just created a new alt and have all the crew skills already - and I chose the same set

Scavenging will feed my cybertech to craft armorings, mods and ear pieces and my armstech for barrels
Bioanalysis will feed my biochem for stims and implants
Slicing because free credits from nodes is never a bad thing

Once I hit 50+ on that character I will probably re-evaluate slicing and level something else depending on need.
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