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Refer a friend... a scam?

Allions's Avatar

01.15.2014 , 03:35 AM | #1
Hello everyone.
First: i originally bought the CE of this game, abadoned it after few months. Then game passed to free to play.
In the last week me and a friend decided to get back into game. I reactivated my account using a time code and played a bit.
My friend has no account, so i decided to use the refer a friend link.
We decided to do the refer a friend thing together, to avoid any problems (i read about the refer a friend bugs and the necessary check for opt-in emails).
So i gave him the link through facebook, he clicked it, he created the account CHECKING the box for opt-in email (we tried to uncheck and a popup for warning appeard. So we checked it again, we done a screenshot and we created the account.
He entered the game as a free to play player, played a bit. After about two hours i checked the refer a friend page and nothing was showing, so i created a ticket and they answered me that i should let my friend open a ticket from his account to solve the problem... BUT he was free to play! So he used his time code to became a subscriber and opened a ticket.
The answers of the two first ticket where useless copy-paste. the third one told us that we haven't signed for opt-in emails and so we cannot recieve any rewards. We checked on my friend account an in basic info there was no box checked for the recieveing of emails but we are totally sure to have checked the box during the creation of the account (also we have the screen caputure). So this problem must me a bug of the website or the refer a friend program. I dunno but i deserve my rewards and also my friends. Also we PAID REAL MONEY to subscribe, and we're not recieving any help or real answers. It seems like a scam.

I hope this post will make it clear and someone can give and advice to solve the situation.
I'm sorry for my english but it's not my mother language.

Zorvan's Avatar

01.15.2014 , 03:54 AM | #2
Sorry, refer-a-friend systems only work right in other games where they don't let interns design important stuff.

CrazyMcGee's Avatar

01.15.2014 , 04:52 AM | #3
Sorry OP, but you said you read about the bugs.... this is it. The accounts don't link together the way they should. CS will tell you that you didn't check the box for e-mails, but we all know we did. I did the accounts for my friends myself, so I certainly know it was checked.

Be persistent. Months after I did it, with CS telling me I did it wrong, I finally got it sorted. Send them a lot of tickets, eventually they will crack.

Allions's Avatar

01.15.2014 , 07:16 AM | #4
Here is the screenshot made during the creation of the account:

as you can see the opt-in box is checked! Anyway, i've removed my friends email to put it in the forum.

I hope a CS representative read this topic in the forum and can solve my problem. The ticket opened yesterday is still "open"... but i dunno what to think.
Anyway it seems a real scam because with this system they can say it the players fault and so they can hold a lot of cartel coins (500+100 every subscription month right?). I don't want to think this but i'm very very unhappy with this situation.

GuruVII's Avatar

01.15.2014 , 09:13 AM | #5
Your friend should log on into the website and click the refer link again, if it says that he/she can't (and he is subscribed) then you have a problem (and I would suggest posting in the CS forum or calling them (in early hours of the day), if not, then he was never tied to your account in the first place.

Also to the best of my knowledge referred people show only, if they are subscribed, as such I would say that in your first CS ticket you failed to provide sufficient information to the representative.

Allions's Avatar

01.15.2014 , 02:06 PM | #6
Thanks mate!!
after various attempt, clicking again the link while logged into the swtor website with my friend account, sucessfully gave me the referral.:

"Congratulations, you've been successfully invited to play Star Wars: The Old Republic by Allions!
7 days of subscription level access with unlimited ability to play all game missions including Warzones, Flashpoints, and Operations up to Level 50 as well as full access to convenience features.
Preferred Friends Bundle including a selection of valuable unlocks and customization options via in-game mail.
One-time complimentary Character Transfer."

3 days of work... Bioware, you should create a more simple system.