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Let the hate fly, but I still say Bioware should allow you to change your AC

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Let the hate fly, but I still say Bioware should allow you to change your AC

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01.13.2014 , 04:02 PM | #111
Quote: Originally Posted by Defecter View Post
Buying max level classes means no experience actually playing the class through the leveling experience and thus not learning the class properly. It's not like leveling in this game is hard to begin with. But it does teach you the basics of a class. And those claiming that classes are 'easy' to learn, a single peek into any non-premade PvP team pretty much proves otherwise for a great deal of the game's population.

And yes, I use 'class' as a substitute for 'AC', because that's what it basically is. In no MMO ever, which wasn't some utter asian grindfest and Buy-To-Win fail MMO, have I seen an option to buy your way to max level. If you want another class at max level, level it. Hell, this game provides excellent replay value just by playing it's mirror class instead. And if you can't even be bothered to play the mirror class and enjoy another story in order to break the monotomy of leveling again, this is simply not the game for you.

And really, if you can stand the monotomy of dailies, PvP and Ops (none of which are really dynamic content) at max level, you shouldn't have any problem with taking a bit of time to level up another character. Using the argument 'leveling is boring' is a crap argument. I find dailies far, far, FAR more boring. But I'm not going to get all the rep and rewards by buying them with CC, am I?

No, subscription + exp potions + legacy exp boost = insane leveling speeds. It's enough.
Whining about pugs? The last bad hm wipes I've run into involved someone breaking to walk their dog without telling anyone. And another was a serious gear issue with everyone other than my character. In leveling pugs and most hm fps I and one other decent player can usually more than make up for inexperienced or flakey players (and I'm no super pve'er). For nm or hm raids, yea, go with your guild. In my experience the only time someone swaps specs in the middle of those is because the spec they changed to was needed and their change always helped the team. In pvp they had to disallow respecs midgame because they were too much of an advantage, not because people were tired of dealing with incompetent teammates that kept swapping specs.

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01.13.2014 , 05:06 PM | #112
Quote: Originally Posted by Jeweledleah View Post
oh. you again.

Did you know that a chiss commando healer plays completely different from a chiss gunnery commando, plays completely differently from a chiss assault specialist commando? you would if you tried playing them. and yet, we can switch between those on a fly. and most people pick a spec and level with it, so if/when they want to play a tree they haven't before WITHIN their advance class? they "gasp" have to learn it and gear for it. in current state of the game

advanced class is an arbitrary restriction, just like appearance is. and in terms of role playing - changing your race affects your character a lot more then changing your AC.

which is why I brought up race. not only you didn't need to level up as that race to access it on every character, not since 1.2 now you don't even need to reroll to play a character of a different race. so restrictions DO get removed when they are arbitrary enough.

and yes AC is arbitrary. claiming that learning different AC is the reason... I'm sorry, but no one learns different AC. they learn different spec WITHIN the AC. playing AC form 1 to 55 does nothing to teach you how to play all 3 trees it offers, let alone all the possible specs (and there are more than 3, one of the things I love about this game is that its hybrid friendly) you have to learn how to play a spec regardless.

or are you offering to restrict respecs as well now? that someone who didn't level say as a healer.. should not have access to healing at 55 (and vice versa)? since they have no idea how to heal, not having leveled with it? becasue honestly, that's exactly what this "they don't know how to play it" reasoning sounds like.

I have played all three specs of commando as well as all three specs of vanguard. I can tell you from personal experience that there is vastly MORE difference between any vanguard spec and any commando spec than there is between different specs of the same class.

You can call AC being PERMANENT an arbitrary restriction. Who set that restriction? That would be the devs. Those would be the people who designed and implemented this game. When you create your own MMO, then you can "arbitrarily" decide to allow class changes.

Those who level a vanguard as DPS have at least had many levels to become accustomed to their taunt, even if they do not use it on a regular basis. The player who changes from vanguard to commando has NEVER had a heal on that character. The opposite is also true. A commando who levels DPS has probably used his heals on more than a few occasions and therefore has an idea of what they do and how to use them effectively. That player has NEVER had a taunt on that character.

Cosmetic changes are far different than changes that affect fundamental game play.

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01.13.2014 , 05:10 PM | #113
Quote: Originally Posted by DimmuJanKaarl View Post
Just to put in another few credits' worth, I would like to add that, contrary to what some seem to be asserting, it isn't exactly trivial to "just reroll." I run all roles in endgame up through hardmode ops. so to me this has nothing to do with not knowing your role (except for ppl who don't know much at all and you will get those in any group content you run). to me it's an issue of: I tank on a Van and heal on a Sage; now I want to tank on a Shadow and heal on a Commando. Tell me: where does it tell you in choosing the AC at lvl 10 that as a Van I get the derp-launcher but as a Shadow I get the cool as hell teleport ability? As much as I want to go Shadow there's no way in hell I'm going to drudge through ANOTHER miserable levelling experience for the 9th damn time. I rolled my sage many months ago at a time when heals were in high demand on my server. don't get me wrong, I liked most of the story lines but I want to stay in endgame not use up limited time rolling AGAIN. If the game would have explained more clearly at the time I rolled a new character something like "these are the cool abilities you get and here are ways to would use them" then yes I probably would have rolled the scoundrel healer or shadow tank. also, there should also have been a message at the time you choose the AC that warns that going with a dps-only AC will ensure long wait times in GF queues and long delays between getting in ops groups because everybody and their brother is also going dps. but i digress...

When you choose your AC, you can see all three trees for each AC. In addition, there is a plethora of information on the web for each and every class. If you did not know what "cool" abilities you would get, the blame is on you for not doing a few minutes research, IMO.