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How grouping with other players influences experience and mob's strength?

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How grouping with other players influences experience and mob's strength?

mooooncow's Avatar

01.12.2014 , 01:58 PM | #1
When I am grouped with another player (or players), how this influences my and their experience gain?
I notice that when I am grouped with a player and he kills a mob even on the other side of the map, I receive experience. Is this experience taken from his experience, so he receives less? What if we are fighting the same mob? Will each of us get half of the experience, which he would normally receive if he had killed the mob alone?

What about the mob strength? Do the mobs around get stronger when I am in group of 2 or more ? (I am not talking about HEROIC missions). If I am grouped with a player on the other side of the map, how this influences the mobs in my solo mission?

What is one of the players is much higher level than the other?

Thanks in advance

lumuni's Avatar

01.12.2014 , 02:08 PM | #2
Ok, in my experience, though I haven't studied it closely, grouping always improves experience gain unless grouping with a largely diverse level range. If say you and 3 other players group up at level 40, the experience per mob kill for you will stay the same, but the mobs will of course die faster and you will likely have more excess kills for quests, hence faster experience gain. If you're doing a quest bonus with other players, not only do you get social points per character completing the bonus, but you also get bonus experience when they complete theirs along with your bonus xp being unnaffected.

On the other hand, grouping with a diverse level player, if say you're 40 and you decide to help a player more than 5 levels below you, not only will neither of you get as much xp from the mobs, but the lower player's xp gain will be severely diminished such as mobs that give you 50 xp are their current quest mobs, you the higher level player will be gaining 45 or 40 xp while the lower level player who was getting 270-400xp per kill is now getting 53, or 62, or some other much lower number. If on the other hand the mob falls directly between the levels of you and the other player, say you're 43, they're 37, and the mob's 40 therefore being a valid kill for both players, the xp diminish is negligible if even existant.

Basically, group with people of a similar level, such as what the group finder queue does automatically for you.

Hope this helps

Tsillah's Avatar

01.12.2014 , 02:13 PM | #3
Yep grouping up gives more xp to everyone. So it's a good idea if you want to level faster.
Goodbye all, it's been fun. Time for me to move on (it's ok to cheer ).

mooooncow's Avatar

01.13.2014 , 02:17 PM | #4
what about the mobs? do they become stronger when you are in a group?

CosmicKat's Avatar

01.13.2014 , 02:30 PM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by mooooncow View Post
what about the mobs? do they become stronger when you are in a group?
No... and yes.

Simple rule is if you are not in an instance, the mobs are all the same, all the time.

Spawn rates are affected by number of players nearby but not the rank or strength of what spawns. Not so easy to see this anymore, but back in the days when planets averaged a half dozen players, the spawn rates were much slower.

I've been told instanced missions do scale for number of players. I've seen some that do not change at all, and others where the rank or number of mobs increase.