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Things that I see problems with

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Things that I see problems with

klauzius's Avatar

12.24.2011 , 07:17 AM | #1
Let me start off by saying that I do enjoy PvP in SWTOR so far, However there are a few issues,

1). In Voidstar, There are times in which defenders don't even get out of the gate when the match starts, leaving the attacking team free access to plant the bombs on the first set of doors. This happens to me once a day or so.

2). Huttball. Are the teams really random? I don't think I've ever been a Rotworm. Don't lie to us and say its random when its not.

3). When a match ends in Huttball and neither team has scored, the Empire team ALWAYS gets the win. I've never seen a "Draw" Or even have the Republic win.

4). On Voidstar, If the match ends early due to not having enough players, once again, the Empire will win. Always. Is this the way its supposed to be?

5). Fix Crowd Control. I've been stunned to death by purple lightning more times than I think any sane person could tolerate.

6). Fix the brackets, PLEASE. One 50 isn't going to ruin a match, but when you get a guild premade of 4 50's, or 4 40+s, it ruins the match, no matter what.

Thanks for reading. These aren't complaints they're just problems I've seen so far.